Chloe’s letter melts hearts


Childhood is one of the most fun, easy going and relaxed time of our entire lives. We don’t have any responsibilities to shoulder no expectations no disappointments and our life is such a thrill. It’s filled with candy floss and Barbie dolls for girls and football and play station for boys. Patricia Merchant is going to surprise you and leave you biting your nails with this news on as UK based girl had the courage to write a sweet letter to Sundar Pichai, the former CEO of Google.

Chole Bridgewater showed us that you can not only dream at any age but you can fulfil those dreams by putting your talent into action and focus on your goal in order to achieve the desired success. At this tender age of 7, she has written a job application to Sundar Pichai on the encouragement of her father Andy Bridgewater, who supported her idea by creating excitement in her about the world famous Google offices perks and cutting edge work. He further went on to inform his young fascinated child about the idea about the office having bean bags, chairs, go-karts, slides. She was in for a great surprise when the news was broken to her that after her only letter to Santa the second letter she wrote was to her Google boss.

Chole's letter

The Google CEO responded and gave a very motivating response. He told Chloe to follow her dreams and work hard. He further encouraged her to apply for Google after she finished with her school. Her letter was a very adorable one written in a very carefree manner. Her letter included her interest in robots, computers, and everything that she set in her mind to accomplish.

sundar pichai's letter

Andy Bridgewater was all smiles when he shared Pichai’s response to his daughter’s letter on LinkedIn and the promise that he would further encourage her to work on accomplishing her ambitions and motivate her to study well for a bright future ahead of her. Cheers for the little one!


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