Voice Notes Are Putting Phone Calls To Sleep & Taking Over The Texting Fad

voice notes
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You have something to tell your homie that can’t be explained over a text message or can’t wait until they get free for a phone call? Guess what! Voice notes now have your back. 

The way we communicate today has greatly changed. Once upon a time, letters were exchanged, a process that was extremely slow, and now is the time when we exchange voice notes in a few seconds. We no longer feel the need to even call and talk to people for hours. Voice notes are allowing us to talk at our own convenience without any disturbances.

The Millennials as well as the GenZs have started making use of the voice notes since the last 2-3 years. There are many reasons why people prefer using voice notes over a simple phone call or text message. Let’s look at them one by one. 

Voice notes over phone calls:

Phone calls have multiple disturbances. Network issues, external distractions, external noise, lack of attention that makes the speaker repeat the same things over and over again, are some common issues that we face on calls. Voice notes on the other hand have almost no network issue, can be recorded and listened to, at the sender and receiver’s convenience. All the external disturbances can be controlled since the voice notes are pre-recorded and sent.

Voice notes over text messages: 

Let’s face it, explaining a story through texts and typing out big paragraphs is time-consuming and exhausting. You might as well just call or meet the person and narrate the entire incident. Sure it was fancy and really convenient when messaging was new in the techno world. Now, however, when you can record the entire incident and send it at the same speed at which you send a text, why would you type out lengthy paragraphs?

Besides, a voice note has a more personal touch. It is easy to gauge the emotions of the sender by the help of their tone, their pauses, the volume and speed at which they are speaking, the words they stress on, etc. which makes the communication process smooth. It eliminates the chances of misunderstanding to a large extent. 

Voice notes give the sender a chance to structure the messages clearly, record a clean message, re-record, take the necessary pauses. Voice messages is a midway for those who dislike texting as well as talking on the phone call. You neither have to sit and type long messages nor do you have to be awkward on a phone call. You can simply first decide what you want to say, and then send the voice note accordingly. 

Voice messages are especially helpful when you have to have a long conversation over something extremely important. You can have this conversation with ease even while doing any kind of work that can’t stop. Couples are using this feature even more. If you haven’t tried having a conversation over voice notes as yet, give it a shot. It’s hands-down the best way to interact virtually with your friends. 


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