“It’s Not Them Its Me”: Unemployment Leading To Skyrocketing Self-Doubts

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As a teenager, I remember reading news of rising unemployment in the country and not worrying even slightly about it. Fast forward my life to my early 20s and experiencing the burn of unemployment first-hand. If you are here reading this, you too have met with the same fate. 

Very recently, I finished my Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Even before I could pass out, I had started job hunting. Little did I know that this little adventure was going to get the best of me. 

After 30-something job applications and zero responses, I declared myself to be completely useless and underskilled to get a job in my industry. All that fell into my hands was unemployment. I felt I wasn’t cut out for the industry. I was dejected for a long time. Questions like, “Is it me?”, “Maybe I am lacking something”, and “I guess I am going wrong somewhere” started popping up in my head. 

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. The thought of unemployment was scaring two more dear souls of mine as well. My friends, my batchmates. They too told me that they “weren’t skilled or capable enough to get a job.” I am sure a lot many individuals like us must be finding themselves in the same situation. It amused me to think that some of the most skilled and talented individuals I know started doubting themselves just because they couldn’t secure a job. 

While we cannot completely rule out the possibility of going wrong, failing to get a job certainly does not mean that we aren’t “good enough.” You just need to go about it correctly. I suggest you stop doubting yourself and keep trying. What other option do you really have? 

Too frustrated, my friends and I decided to undertake some steps. It surely helped us get a few responses. You too can do the same. 

  • Take the help of your professors who usually are industry professionals. They are in a good position to tell you what your potential employer might expect from you. They will also tell you how and where to apply based on your skills. Take complete advantage of their expertise by getting your work checked and approved. Ask for feedback and see where you can improve. This goes a long way. Request them to give you a few exercises to sharpen and polish your skills. 
  • You can also ask them to share any job opportunities that might come their way due to their strong network in the industry. 
  • Apply, apply and keep applying. Don’t stop. I know this can get exhausting, but you never which company might just pick your resume.
  • Sure social media applications and websites like LinkedIn or Naukri.com are great to hunt for a job. Even your college placement cell is a crucial body to get you employed. Nevertheless, you need to build connections and network on your own. Attend events where professionals from your field are likely to mark their presence, accompany your friend for an interview and ask if they have an opening for you as well. You can also opt to take up an internship (paid or unpaid) and end up working full-time with the organisation. 
  • Utilise social media to your best benefit. Every company today has a social media presence. Reach out to them by dropping a customised formal message requesting them to help you with the application process. Companies, now, are quick with responses online. 
  • Follow up on your application. Don’t consider your work done after merely hitting send on your email. Send follow-up emails in two days or so. Call their office and check-up. Sometimes, your email can get lost in the huge pile of other emails. 

With what confidence am I saying this? This did get me and my friend a job in one of the companies we were really looking forward to working in. My other friend too is now getting calls for interviews. We are confident, that she too will secure a job soon. 

It is also important to note that a developing country like India is still battling with a high percentage of unemployment which stood at 7.5% per cent in April 2022. 

This including makes it evident that “it definitely is not all you, it’s majorly them.” So there remains to reason for you to start doubting yourself.  


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