Travel The World And Also Earn A Great Living


Passion has now been replaced by practicality. Wouldn’t it be like a dream come true if both these things could be combined?

Travelling is a passion for many. But, due to practical reasons the only time travel lovers pursue this passion is when they get the time to take a break or when they can afford it. But, if you get the option to earn a living by all that travelling, life would turn into a never-ending vacation, wouldn’t it? Here are some options for all you travel lovers to pursue what you love doing the most without having to worry about the ‘money factor’.


This is the most traditional and common option for the backpackers. Planning events will give you the opportunity to keep moving to different places around your country or even the world to plan and execute various types of events for your clients or the company you are working for. And, event management is a career options that will always keep your pockets filled.


If you are someone who likes to explore places but doesn’t want to let go the homely feel, being an Au Pair would be the safest option for you. An Au Pair is a domestic assistant from foreign countries who stays with the host family and helps them, usually taking up the responsibilities of their children. During the spare time Au Pairs can move around, explore and dig into the culture of their current foreign location which is in fact their work place.


Does your passion for travel include capturing your experiences as well? In that case travel photography should work well for you. Grab your camera along with your suitcase and begin your wonderful journey. Your options for picking travel jobs are starting a travel blog, working for channels or shows that cover topics on travelling or as a freelancer for clients who would like you to cover their special foreign events.


Got a talent? Showcase it while travelling to different locations Cruises go to various locations and you could be a part of that cruise without paying the huge amount one needs to, to go on these cruises. Instead, as a cruise line worker, you’ll be paid by the cruise to go with them. You can exhibit your prowess as a dancer, singer, chef, masseur or in any other talent that you possess.


Archaeologists study human history or prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. This kind of job gives people the luxury to travel the world in search of the historical facts they are looking for in the world most ancient and historical cities. To become an archaeologist one needs a degree or a PhD in archaeology or anthropology.


Diving under water is a whole new experience. If you have an expertise in diving you can take it up  as a career and teach others to dive as well. Naturally, you will be moving to different oceans of the world to experience the life under water and also make a living with it. Along with the oceans you will get the chance to explore the islands as well.


Learning a new language is always fun and counting your salary in that language will definitely be fun too. International or Multinational companies always have the requirement of a translator or interpreter as they work with a lot of foreign delegates. The travel lover in you may get a chance to travel abroad with your company’s managers for meetings and events as a part of your job.


It is the most obvious choice for a travel job and also a well paid one. Flight attendants have the luxury to have a stay in all the countries they fly to. Also an additional bonus of getting free or discounted air tickets for you and your family. Another perk is that you don’t need any special qualification to become a part of the crew, only the passion for travelling.


Associating with artists that take tours around the world to perform or have gigs has its own benefits. Since you are a part of the group or the team you are required to move around as well for the best execution of the gig, which only comes with great team work. So being a groupie could be a job which brings in fun and money both.

Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul. How about you satisfy both by picking up one of the many career options given above?

If you are a backpacker yourself and earning your bread by doing what you love, tell us about it in the comments section below and add to the list of career options for the travelers.


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