Tips To Improve English Vocabulary


Improving ones’ vocabulary is very important. Today English has become one of the most important language. It is a universal language spoken and understood by most of the worlds’ population.

Vocabulary is one of the keys to speaking fluent English. Even if your grammar is perfect, if you can’t use correct words to express yourself in English, you will find it difficult to speak fluently.

You’ll be able to communicate more clearly and concisely, people will understand you in a better way if your English vocabulary is good.

Luckily, improving your vocabulary is one of the most fun aspects of learning English. Looking for some tips to improve your vocabulary? Here are few that can help you:


Reading is the best way one can improve their vocabulary. One comes across new words and the curiosity to find its correct meaning expands and improves one’s knowledge. It is recommended to read novels, literature, magazines, newspapers, etc

Attentive listening: It is very important to be in the right setting when learning any part of English. With listening it’s even more important, because listening is a skill that requires your careful attention. Picking out new words and noting them down and to uncover the meaning of those words will give a great exposure in improving oneself.

Use Dictionary

With the change in time, there are dictionaries in many forms one can use any- print or online. As and when you read and come across new words, it becomes easy to refer to the dictionary and to find its correct meaning and pronunciation. Also the root of the word and its origin is mentioned which will help you understand and relate better.

Learn new words

Make it a point to at least learn one new word everyday. This will keep your interest alive in improving your vocabulary and even help you expand your knowledge.

Make a list

Note down the new words and its meanings with its correct pronunciation every time you learn a new word, this will help you to refer and memorise the new words and use them in your daily vocabulary.

Play Games

Games like scrabble, word jumble, puzzles, crossword help reveal new words and guides you to develop good English vocabulary.

At the end it depends on the person, as to how efficiently he or she develops their English vocabulary. Daily practice and using new words in conversations can ensure greater improvement in English vocabulary.


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