Top Women Lifestyle Influencers That Are Truly Worth Following

Lifestyle Influencers
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The fact that social media plays a great role in shaping how we talk, dress and carry ourselves in general, cannot be challenged. Food, fashion and travel are major parts of our life but not the only ones that matter. The way we live, our habits, our routines and so much more defines our lifestyle. Here is a list of 5 Lifestyle influencers who you must follow right now if you wish to adopt a perfectly healthy and cool lifestyle.  

1. Santoshi Shetty

Among the many lifestyle influencers, is Santoshi Shetty a popular Instagram personality and founder of From flaunting quintessential silk sarees to sporting daring bikinis with utmost comfort, she is an icon for all the women out there. Shetty can often be spotted on Instagram displaying the latest style trends and visiting exotic destinations, giving us major travel goals. In every post, Santoshi Shetty can be seen spreading positive vibes with her dazzling smile. She’ll make you want to groove to her beats as her quirky dance moves are filled with infectious energy. Follow Santoshi Shetty to learn more about her lifestyle and get inspired to live a more carefree and happening life.

2. Gurbani Judge

Next up in line of the lifestyle influencers is Gurbani Judge. Not your mainstream girl, Gurbani Judge or Bani J as her fans call her, is a powerful woman who defies the stereotypes of a delicate Indian lady. She is a model, a fitness enthusiast and a reality TV star. Influencing over 1.2 million followers on a daily basis on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, Bani Judge inspires everyone to invest more time in health and fitness. She is a figure that many people look up to since she makes it loud and clear in her posts that strength and fitness are not only meant for men. Sporting a muscular body, both arms inked with tattoos, hair dyed with bright colour and her love for pets, follow Bani J to live it all with her. 

3. Zoe Sugg

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an English YouTuber, author, businesswoman, and also a vlogger. She is the most elegant and effortless girl next door living her simple life with a positive attitude. She inspires her followers to live their lives more happily and keeps them informed about the must-try restaurants, binge-worthy shows, fashion essentials, places to visit and much more. Out of all the lifestyle influencers, what makes this influencer so special is her relatable style of writing. She talks about emotions, experiences, and issues with a personal touch. She encourages her followers to live a grounded life with meaning and quality. She is more of a life changer than just an influencer as her posts are filled with motivation and are sure to make you smile. Make sure to follow this influencer and fall in love with the blues and oranges of her blog. 

4. Lilly Singh

Every millennial with an internet connection knows this queen. Lilly Singh who started her YouTube channel Superwoman about a decade ago is now a writer, a talk show host, an actress and last but not the least, a mega influencer. With a follower base of over 8.9 million followers on Instagram alone, Lilly Singh is one of the most highly paid female YouTubers of all time. What connects Lilly with her audience is her approach towards life. She has talked about mental health, sexual orientation, complexion and the great Indian life all in her hilarious YouTube videos. She inspires all of us to live our lives unapologetically, appreciate our desi roots, embrace our qualities and enter our own world of Unicorns and fantasies from time to time. Follow Lilly to catch up on her take on life which is bound to leave you in splits. 

5. Ashley Graham

In the modern world where the beauty standards are defined and young girls feel the pressure to keep up with unmatchable and unrealistic body images and lifestyles, Ashley Graham breaks the stage as she is an epitome of beauty who defies the conventions of impractical beauty standards and inspires young women to indulge in self-love. One of the foremost plus size models to gain international recognition, Ashley Graham through social media, influences millions of women every day. She presents the most natural and realistic image of womanhood and lifestyle. Her followers give her credit as she motivates them to love themselves and accept themselves just the way they are. Follow Ashley Graham to get inspired and get rid of unhealthy and bulimic lifestyles.

Lastly, do not forget to follow them all as all these superwomen are so different from one another and influence different domains of our life. I am sure following these women and taking a walk with them through their influencing journey will make you add more flavour and humility in your life. Have a nice time getting encouraged and learning to live your life more fully. 


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