Those Away From Home, Don’t Let The Fear Of Covid-19 Get To You

Away From Home
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While the dark cloud of Covid-19 continues to hover over our heads, fear and anxiety too, continue to persist. This is particularly affecting those students who are away from home on foreign land. At times when you have to self isolate to protect yourself from catching the virus, a lot of free time comes handy which allows the mind to unnecessarily overthink. 

This stands a high chance of causing an extra pile of fear, anxiety, and panic. Needless to say, it doesn’t help at all. Though difficult, students away from home should try to pull themselves out of this fear and panic. For this to happen, you need to believe that it is doable. We understand you are stranded and miss home, but if you are under self-isolation, you are safe, and that is all that matters at the moment. 

To make yourself feel better amidst this calamity, here are a few things you can do: 

Video call your loved ones back at home 

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Since you are away from home, your family and friends are concerned for you and vice versa. Even though you can’t meet them in person given the distance, you can meet them virtually. To feel less isolated, you can even have a virtual movie or lunch/dinner dates with them. The Internet has made life easy, use it at your best disposal. Call them whenever you feel like talking to them because remember, they are just one call away. 

Binge-watch web series 

New On Netflix
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There is great content available online. Now that your college is on a break, you can literally just spread out on your bed with a cozy blanket, munchies and your laptop the whole day. Look up online for some great ‘must-watch’ suggestions and start binge-watching. It’s a great time to tick off everything you have been wanting to watch for a long long time. 

Cook for yourself 

Away from home
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Food is a great mood maker. Moreover, if you are a foodie, it’s the best time to test your cooking skills. Make something delicious and pamper yourself. Take help from the internet, or just call up your mom and ask her to teach you to cook some homely food. 

Get productive 

away from home
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If your wardrobe has been in a mess for a long time and requires cleaning, this is the best time to do it. You can also redecorate your apartment/room in a new and different way that will further enhance your living experience and make you feel a little homely. If not this, then you can take up a hobby like blogging, painting or designing and brush up on it. It’s a good time to reconnect with your hobbies. You can also take up online courses and learn something new. 


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Now not all are fond of this, but if you are away from home and under self-isolation, you must definitely inculcate exercise into your new routine. Exercising helps you to stay calm, and get rid off all the unease and tension within you. Any form of (indoor) physical exercise like dancing, yoga, skipping, even meditating is a great mental wellbeing booster. 

Basically, just keep yourself busy and don’t let self-isolation make you sit idle. This dark cloud is just going to stay for a while, but till that time, be sure to make the most of it. Stay indoors, stay safe. 


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