Top Brands That Are Acing The Social Media Game In India


The emergence of Social Media has changed the way we perceive the world. With a majority of the world population spending hours online, companies big and small have started approaching their target market on various online platforms. Social media being at the forefront.

It has become easier for brands to communicate ideas and messages through social media platforms. Social networking sites have made interaction between the brands and customers easy and direct. It has benefited brands in various amazing aspects. Apart from helping brands to communicate easily with the customers, social media has also:

Increased Brand Awareness and Presence: Constant uploading of content on social media handles exposes customers to the brand, which constantly keeps reminding the customers about the presence and availability of the brand and its products.

Constant uploading of content on social media handles exposes customers to the brand, which constantly keeps reminding the customers about the presence and availability of the brand and its products.

Increased the Conversion Rates: Majority of times, a post uploaded on social media can lead to a viewer converting into a customer. Constant visibility of the brand on screen doesn’t let the customer forget the brand. There are high chances of the viewers visiting the brand/company’s website for taking further actions, thus increasing the website’s traffic.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty: Pre-Social Media period, there used to always be middlemen in the communication process of the customer and the company. It used to heavily affect the communication leaving the customer highly dissatisfied. However, with the advent of social media, customers find is extremely convenient to put across their concerns directly to the company and have it well addressed. This leaves the customers satisfied which in the long run also increases brand loyalty.

Currently, in India, there are 5 strong brands that are acing social media game :

Netflix India (Entertainment):

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This one tops the list due to its unique approach towards communicating with the audiences. Netflix India has adopted an Indianized social media strategy which is known for giving out witty, humorous and relatable responses. While it does this, it very well knows the difference between being funny and mean. The prompt responses it gives out drives huge engagement from its viewers and followers. Moreover, the content it publishes also connects with the audience.

Sabyasachi (Fashion):

Image Credits: Sabyasachi Official Instagram Handle

With so many bollywood celebrity and royal weddings taking place, Sabyasachi as a brand has boomed on social media. With so many glamorous and royal brides wrapping themselves up in a Sabyasachi designed cloth, every young girl wishes to wear one at her wedding too. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, on his social media handles, is not just posting images of celebs wearing his designed clothes, but is also engaging in storytelling. To be more specific, Sabyasachi is huge on Instagram. The official handle uploads innumerable videos and images of models and ‘not so famous’ brides as well, posing elegantly which gives out a feeling of royalty. An Instagram user who follows Sabyasachi is sure to have his/her feed flooded with this brand’s posts. 

Durex (Health):

Image Credits: Durex India Official Instagram Handle

India is a country where people still shy away from talking about sex openly. But that is so not the case with Durex. In the Indian market, pulling off bold social media campaigns is a very huge success. Durex, a condom-manufacturing brand, uploads posts that have the potential to crack you up and throw your eyes wide open, making you think ‘how could they even come up with such a creative? ‘. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that, apart from being humorous and witty, each of the post also has an important message for the viewers. Durex has played an important role of an educator educating the netizens about various aspects related to sex and the importance of having safe sex in addition to promoting and advertising the products. 

Zomato India (e-commerce):

Image Credits: Campaign India

Food is something that catches everybody’s attention. Zomato recognizes this and uses it to the best of its benefit. It is known for picking up current issues and connecting it with food. It is this, that drives huge engagement. Another thing about Zomato is that they are very speedy is responding to the customers. Customers are thus ensured with proper solutions.

Nykaa (Beauty):

Image Credits:

Nykaa stresses on engagement and believes in helping out the customers especially when it’s a retail brand. Nykaa is largely seen collaborating with celebrities and beauty and fashion bloggers in order to expand its customer base.

With social media escalating at a rapid pace than ever before, more and more brands are strongly emerging and making their presence felt among the netizens. It will be quiet interesting to see what the brands have got for us.  


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