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Can you really throw a party without piling up mountains of trash and burning a hole in your green targets? You may be one of those conscientious hosts who will enjoy throwing a party more knowing that you are not endangering the environment even more, or simply share the good vibes with others. Youth Inc thinks that eco-friendly parties will be all the rage in years to come. From invitations to presents, follow our tips to give the planet a great time!

Invitations can be sent out electronically to avoid wasting paper and cards. Not only that, you can personalise your invitation with unique designs and animations to further the ‘green theme’! Similarly, thank you notes and RSVP can be done in a fan way electronically. A Facebook group is not only a great way to invite friends to your party but also to share photographs with them afterwards.

Why not ask your guests to dress up with the environment in mind? From organic clothing to natural jewellery, there are many brands available today that focus on the eco-aware citizen. Some of them are: and

From fairy lights to balloons, some decorations are energy-hungry and pollute the environment after just a single use. Instead of balloons, try decorating your party with gorgeous paper lanterns that can be saved and reused. To best connect with nature, try to hold your party in an outdoor location. Solar powered fairy lights are available, but if not, try to use LED lights that consume the least electricity. Candles and diyas are also a good option and very romantic! Scatter water basins with rose petals and floating candles for a unique effect.

One of the biggest polluters from any party is the plastic tableware that gets used just once and then thrown into landfills where it does not degrade. Instead of disposable plates and forks, serve your guests with reusable tableware that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. If you throw parties often, this is the only way to go! If you have to buy disposable tableware, make sure that they are the biodegradable variety.

Food and drinks
Try to make sure that your food is sourced locally and is healthy, organic and preservative-free. Avoid prepackaged food as much as possible. Focus on salads and appetisers that are not only delicious but super healthy! Serve drinks with fresh fruit juice and with fresh mint and basil. As there’s no packing involved, it’s better for the environment and for you.

You can do away with gifts entirely and ask your guests to donate to an environmental charity or to offset their carbon emissions online! The feel-good factor can be shared by everyone at your party. Alternatively, ask your guests to purchase gifts from eco-stores and wrap them in recycled paper or cloth.
If you have more suggestions on how to throw an eco-friendly party, please do log on to to share them!

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