Vinu, I am Getting Married! – Rs. 150



Author: Vineet Mishra
Vinu, I am Getting Married is a debut novel by engineerturned-author Vineet Mishra. It’s a fun read that encapsulates every emotion of teenage life. The protagonist of the novel, Vineet, is a guy dominated by his inner voices, who depicts indecisiveness to such a degree that even his career was chosen for him by others. The hapless boy is so unaware of his own desires that he never even knew of his love for Mallika till he saw the card that read ‘Mallika weds Arjun’.
The story is enhanced by many incidents, funny and shocking, that keeps you gripped till the last page. The story of how Vinu gets his lady love back is laced with an unexpected twist. A page-turner, this is a light book that is an entertaining read but also shows the kind of troubles that can befall youth who don’t take charge of their own destinies.
A no-brainer, the incessant twists, the beautiful elements of friendship and interesting reminisces of the past make this a copy to be picked up from the shelves, now! – Apoorva Nanjangud

Volume 1 Issue 6


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