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The ‘Make in India Week’ fever is definitely nowhere close to slowing down as the major cultural-business event comes to an end today, the after effects are sure to last a long time. Minus the blaze experienced at Chowpatty earlier in the week, this collaboration was a huge success. As of now we have news that the state has attracted investments worth about 15 lakh crore, with Mahindra, Mercedes, Panchshil, JSW Jaigarh Port and RCF Chemicals among many others.IMG_20160218_155631605

Indeed it was extensively and well organized and it shows. Right from the ease of registering online to getting in to the event, it was definitely a breeze. The entire event was laid out in 2 parallel rows with a total of 27 pavilions for exhibitions and conferences. There were also properly planned open air cafeterias, food courts with all the popular restaurants like Social, Moshes, Doolally, Olive, Subway, Dominos etc. having their stalls. For the first time we can say even the toilets were perfectly made in style and did not seem like shady temporary structures. To top it all there were cute & retro electric carts to ferry visitors through the vast exhibition.

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Every seminar imparted new age knowledge about things yet to come and each exhibition hall was well laden with stalls so beautifully designed. Businesses catering to varied investors were present, set up to showcase their past work and future endeavors. It was the perfect platform showcasing Indian Auto and Auto components manufacturers as well as every government agency in the Defense & Aerospace sector was represented beautifully. Industry equipment and machinery was also laid out well in the exhibition centers.


Pavilions that were worth visiting:

Defence and Aerospace + Indian Navy + Civil Aviation
Automobiles + Auto Components
Chemicals + Petrochemicals + Pharmaceuticals
Food Processing + IIT Pavillion + Design Pavillion by ISDI + Start Up India
Culture + textiles+ Skill development + Entrepreneurship


Highlights of the exhibition:
Some of the stalls that we particularly liked are the DC launched an exclusive Make in India sports car called Avanti which looked ultra chic in a black and white body, their stall was the most popular as they had put up great ambience and music for their cars. There were solar powered and intelligent garbage systems (they compact garbage and can fill upto 5 times the garbage in them) for the Swatch Bharat campaign, which is a must on each street corner. India’s largest dumpster truck by BEML with a capacity of almost 200 tons was also on display. The first Indian robot by TAL Tata Bravo to the BRABO, at low costs and finance options shows that technology of the present can’t get better than (3)


Apart from this, there were men and women all dolled up in cultural outfits, performing at every nook and corner. It exuded a feeling of true ethnicity and exposed our folk traditions, dances and attire. There was so much happening all around that one could simply not get bored or enough of it all. If you thought you saw it all, the room next door just raises the bar a little higher. All in all, it was a brilliant showcasing of what we possess and what we’re capable of.



The technology of tomorrow, even bigger and better, was exhibited on the grounds. Taking it a step further and involving the young minds of the country, Make in India organizers planned an event titled, Hackathon. Students across various platforms engaged themselves in the task of coming up with plans for the upcoming metro and mono rails across the city. This structural mechanism will be implemented and is aiming at reducing the daily commuters traffic woes as well as the railway stress.

Some may say that it was just an elaborate show to gain the attention of big investors and so it was. However, the underlying reason behind this major initiative was to focus on job creation and skill enhancement. It is a plea to garner resources that we can use for the betterment of our citizens in the years to come. It was a small step which will reap great rewards if utilized and facilitated properly. The initiative also aims at high quality standards and minimizing the impact on the environment. It hopes to attract capital and technological investment in India and clearly we’re well on our way to getting there.                                                                                       photo9



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