This Is How Millennials Are Redefining Relationship

This Is How Millennials Are Redefining Relationship
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“Saat janmo ka bandhan” concept has faded long ago. Gone are the days when exchanging glances led to a forever kind of love. Millennials today are exploring newer ways to work out love relationships. They are redefining love and the overall concepts of relationship and marriage.  

Millennials today find a partner for themselves on their own and definitely do not like their parents interfering with their love life in any ways. They deal with their relationship and find out a way that best works for them, even if it doesn’t fall under the ‘typical’ norm of the ‘society’.

Here are some of the most common ways in which the millennials are redefining love relationships:

‘Friends With Benefits’

While many these days prefer to stay single, many also prefer being in a relationship that doesn’t involve feeling for each other. ‘Friends with benefit’ is a concept in which two people only share a sexual relationship and doesn’t involve any form of commitment. This form of a relationship, however, will work only if your partner wants exactly the same as you. It’s very difficult to keep yourself emotionally unattached with someone you are sexually involved with. This concept is also turned down by those who don’t like to risk their friendship.


Casual Hook Ups

You go out for clubbing, accidentally meet someone, find him/her attractive and end up in bed. This is what a hook up is. It is completely devoid of any emotions and commitment. The youth of today stays away from heart breaks as much as they can. Some consider it a total waste of time and emotional damage. Thus they prefer hookups. Hook up is being sexually involved with someone which involves activities like kissing to having sexual intercourse. In hookups, people hardly know each other well. Hooking up with someone does not count as being in a relationship with that person. Hooking up can just be a one-time thing. It also includes the concept of a ‘one night stand’. Each time you have sex, you can have a different sexual partner. The trend of hookups is more popular in western countries. However, in India, the culture is still in its raw stages.


Live-in Relationships

The live-in culture is a mid-way for those who like to emotionally depend on their partner, who believe in love and commitment but want to at the same time have an independent life of their own, stay away from the institution of marriage, and alleviate the unwanted family drama. A live-in relationship, however, can also lead to the couple getting married. It enables the couple to get to know each other better.


Role Reversals

Women these days have started taking charge of things that the men were ‘in charge’ of. In the earlier days, the ‘man of the family’ was to work and bring home earned money and the woman was to take care of the household chores. The scenario, however, is gradually changing. Men today are completely okay to stay back at home and perform all the household chores while the woman goes out and earns. A positive change in society has taken place. The relationships are observed be getting more healthier as equality is seeping in.


Nuclear Family/Adoption/No Children

Not all today want a child of their own. People have become more open to the concept of adoption. They have started believing in adopting and uplifting a soul who no longer belongs to anyone. Besides adoption, people have also started believing in the concept of nuclear families. Many young couples are also choosing to have no children at all.

It is good to see millennials finding their own way to stay happy and comfortable with their partners by finding out a way that best suits their interest and convenience. Are you one of them?


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