Things Only a Student Preparing for Engineering Will Understand

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The internet today has made engineers a different species altogether. The availability of various engineering college courses has made it easy for aspiring engineers to pick a field they are interested in. Arguably, engineering is one of the hardest education programs around. It requires a significant level of hard work and dedication to make it through each semester. Brain-cracking exams, deadlines,and intense study patterns make every engineering student earn respect and a golden key to the future.

So, if you’ve are also studying engineering at any of the reputed institutions like BML Munjal University, here we have some things that only you and your clan will understand. So, let’s begin the fun.

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  1. As an engineering student you are never out of work and deadlines. Moreover, when you hear someone complaining about their workload (which is nothing compared in front of yours), you go all bonkers. The burden of unfinished papers is what you can think of, at that time.
  2. Wi-Fi has become your best friend over everything. Because for you, home is where Wi-Fi is and surviving without it is like a dare for you. We know you are reading this over a Wi-Fi network. Caught you, right?
  3. Sleeping on a pile of clothes has become usual for you. Also, keeping the room organised has become a long-lost dream for you and your roommate. Because, whenever you clear the clutter out, the all-nighter plan is organised in your room by all the other students living in the hostel. Moreover, in the morning, it gets back to where it was. So, no point cleaning!
  4. Instant food has become your instant favorite ever since you came with terms that home cooked food is a far fetched dream now. Your cupboard and drawers are packed with packets of instant food and serve as your savior whenever hunger strikes at odd hours. In addition, engineering has also taught you hacks to cook food without any substantial resource.
  5. Running out of movies and sitcoms is out of the question. You have a separate hard disk to keep all the valuable stuff in one place for instant access. And, if you ever run out of anything, you know about students with a sole mission of downloading movies and sitcoms. Time to watch the latest flick?
  6. Long study hours was a thing of the past. You have now become a pro at finishing the syllabus a night before the examination. Well, no matter how much you ace at it, we think you should dedicate a little more time to exam preparation.
  7. At the end of the first year, you became an expert in handling tough situations and started giving handy tips to juniors on how to have a great life in the hostel and how to ace the examinations.
  8. Reaching an early morning lecture late by 30-40 minutes is quite usual for you by now. Everyday you think of reaching on time but end up reaching late. Not a big deal, right?
  9. No matter which of the engineering college courses you have joined, you are friends with all the students of all the batches and courses. That’s some level of socialising, right?
  10. And last but not the least, you are officially the electrician of house and neighbors. Because, what’s the use of studying engineering, if you don’t know how to fix the fan and iron?

We are sure you would have felt a connection with all the points mentions above. We salute you for all the hard work you are putting in to have a bright and fruitful future. Make the most of the years in the college for a life full of memorable moments. Good luck!


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