Best Youtubers To Follow



Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber also known as PewDiePie is a Swedish Youtuber who vlogs and  reviews video games that are currently trending. He has the most subscribers on YouTube since 2013, with almost 55 million hits! PewDiePie was also mentioned in the list of most influential people by Times.


Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a musician, comedian, singer and writer. He is based in Chile and has 31 million subscribers at the moment.  He started his YouTube channel in September, 2011 and since then has been one of the most popular youtubers across the world.


Smosh is a comedyYouTube channel founded by  two best friends, Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Padilla started off by making flash movies on Newsground. Later, Padilla and Hecox started posting hilarious videos on YouTube in 2005 where they became famous. Now Smosh has 22 million subscribers making it one of the top ten  most subscribed channels on YouTube.

Colleen Ballinger

She is an American singer, comedian and actress, more commonly known as ‘Miranda Sings’. She created her character Miranda in 2008 on YouTube. Since then her popularity is on a constant rise, with a total of 7 million subscribers presently.

Bethany Mota

She is an American vlogger, who started off on YouTube in 2009 with the username ‘Macbarbie07’ (don’t worry Bethany, we all have our cringe phases in life). After her haul videos started becoming popular, she changed her username. She is known for her fashion and style purchases.


Yuya is a Mexican beauty vlogger with almost 18 million subscribers. She posts makeup, hair and other miscellaneous tutorials that have become exceedingly famous. She also has a second channel where she vlogs about her day to day life. Her brother has also been featured in many of these daily vlogs. Yuya’s beauty channel has reached such a level of fame that she was featured in Vogue and the Mexican television. Yuya is a top woman YouTuber, she tops the list of the non-English personally-owned channels as well.


NigaHiga is one of the first biggest stars on YouTube. His real name is Ryan Higa. He posts comic videos, sketches and music videos (occasionally some hilarious commentary on popular trends) He has 19 million subscribers, making his channel into the top 20 most subscribed channels on YouTube. Ryan’s parents are Japanese but he was born in Hawaii. He, with a bunch of his friends started posting funny lip-sync to songs on YouTube around 2006. Once the videos started gaining more attention, the contents of the videos kept increasing. ‘Nigahiga’ was one of the first comedy YouTube channels, which gave him the fame..

Indian Youtubers

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam first started his channel ‘BB Ki Vines’ in 2015. He uploaded a video called “Bhai-Zoned..Attyachaar” which ended up getting over 50,000 views in just a week! Since then number of his subscribers has kept growing and now he has reached 2 million subscribers which is more than any other Indian YouTuber. He is a comedian, lyricist, singer and entertainer.

Kanan Gill

He is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. He is best known for the his much liked videos ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews‘ that he created with his friend from Bangalore, Biswa Kalyan Rath. The videos are satirical commentary on – Bollywood films. After becoming famous for this, ‘AIB’ (All India Bakchod) asked Kanan Gill to join them for a few videos which only added to his growing fame. He also hosted one of the YouTube Fan Fests in Mumbai and made his Bollywood debut in a film ‘Noor’. In addition to the movie reviews, his channel presented some funny music videos as well. Being Indian was launched as a YouTube channel in 2013. It is a channel that tries to create the videos which audience can easily relate to. They pick topics that identify with peculiar Indian things and make them funny, like their video titled,  ‘Every Delhi girl in the world’. Since 2013 they have grown to have around a million subscribers.

East India Comedy

A channel founded by a bunch of stand-up comedians.. They talk about the problems that India is facing but portray those in a satirical or comic manner. It was started in 2012 by Sorabh Pant and his colleagues.

Sanjay Thumma

He is a highly trained chef who had a chain of restaurant in The United States. With a desire to do something different, he sold his his restaurants in 2008. After a while his family and friends started missing his food and asked him for all the recipes. He shot videos of the recipes and posted them on YouTube to make them easily accessible. These videos only became Thumma’s highlights, they became viral and reached to the entire world. YouTube then contacted Thumma to make similar videos and upload them and told him that he would get paid if he did. Since then Thumma and his family have moved to India where he has continued his cookery shows on YouTube with the popular name ‘Vah-Chef’

Shruti Anand

She used to watch many ‘How to’ videos about cooking, diy (Do It Yourself), makeup, etc. on Youtube in her free time. She then realised that most of the make-up videos are not for Indian skin tone. Therefore she started posting make-up videos suited for Indian people in 2011. Previously staying in the United States, Shruti has now moved to India. Her husband recently quit his job to help Shruti with her videos, she also has a team of 5 people helping her out. In the future, Shruti and her husband even plan on launching a range of their own products and accessories.


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