Things To Know About Justin Bieber When He Turns 23

Justin Beiber

Love him or hate him. Kiss him or diss him but you surely can’t ignore him! Birthday boy Justin Bieber has kept people hooked with his music, style and charisma. Beliebers are just his fans but family for him! With him turning 23 today, here are things you should know about him!

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian pop teenage sensation who made it big as a singer and song writer at a very early stage in his life! He rose to fame with a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve his goal. His popular hit song Never Say Never speaks volumes about his belief which has helped get him accolades, praise and appreciation.

  1. He was born on 1stMarch, 1994 and turns 23 years today, he comes from a humble household of Stanford, Ontario, his ambition has made him the hit-maker he is today.
  2. Justin Bieber is born to humble parents Patricia Mallette and Jeremy Bieber! They always encouraged him and motivated him to be what he wants to be and never be afraid to display his true self whether he loves the color purple or singing in an immature voice. There was always freedom of choice and openness there in the Bieber household which has shaped him the way he is today.
  3. Justin Bieber started off his singing career by singing songs on the streets and having passer-by’s appreciating his talents and skills. Then he gradually progressed towards putting up YouTube videos which were clicked on by millions and became a quick super-hit.
  4. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart to the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber released his first full length studio album My World in 2010. It got released in several countries and was certified triple Platinum in the US. It was preceded by his most successful single Baby.
  5. Justin Bieber is known to melt hearts with his humble, sweet nature and his killer looks. On Valentine’s Day, 2011, Justin surprised six year old fan and brain cancer sufferer Avalanna Routh by flying her to New York, where he spent the afternoon with her playing board games and eating cupcakes.
  6. Justin Bieber is an ultimate foodie and eats candies spaghetti and drinks his favorite mineral water sprite and lives life king size.
  7. Did you know that he wrote an apology song Sorry on his newest album.
  8. Justin Bieber is strengthening his faith and he recently got tattooed. His tattoo depicts him to be a faithful Christian as he gets inked a Jesus tattoo on his ribs and he feels that God is the only one who can judge him and hear him out.
  9. Justin Bieber is a family man and sure knows how to please all fronts of his family leaving them with smiles on their faces, with Justin being the reason.
  10. Justin Bieber being so famous till today, he laughs at himself and all the haters out there are loved and embraced by him. He has appeared on several roasts shows Comedy Central in 2015 where he light-heartedly made fun of himself.
  11. During his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Bieber broke down on stage and started crying like a cute little infant who wants food. He later appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel’s show and explained that tears that rolled down his eyes and it was mainly because he had not seen such positivity ever in his life. There was more of hate that he had faced.
  12. The Ellen Show was graced with his presence and he gave a public apology on the show asking for forgiveness of his spoiled brat behavior and he even gave a visit on Ellen’s Birthday show.
  13. Justin Bieber cares about his fans and love them deeply he calls all his fans his girlfriends and when he sings the song.
  14. Justin Bieber is a very charitable celebrity, there is no doubt that he is a teenage billionaire and at this tender young age he is currently worth a whopping $200 million. He still donates a lot of funds to the various charitable institutions like The House Of Blessing in Ontario, Canada, this organization aims to provide food, clothing and shelter to the underprivileged and homeless people in the area.
  15. He is got natural talent. He is not only a good singer and songwriter but he is a good dancer as well, his greatest source of music inspiration is the fabulous R and B singer and dancer Chris Brown. He learnt how to play the guitar drums and piano on his own.
  16. Justin values other people’s opinion and he has got wiser and more mature with his age and all his haters have become his lovers. He is trying to make it up to his fans for his snobbish spoilt brat behavior by becoming this mature macho man from a cute little teenage boy. The Purpose Tour just shows that he is redeeming himself and repairing his tarnished reputation.
  17. Justin is very intelligent, sure luck was by his side when his YouTube videos made him famous and get approached by all time managers Scooter Braun. He was talented and his talent was recognized by Usher who signed him a contract. He can also solve the entire Rubik’s Cube in 2 minutes and he has a genuine interest in architecture, if not a singer.
  18. Besides singing about his heartbreak over breaking up with Selena Gomez, Bieber also likes to snuggle up and watch a romantic movie. One of his favorite movie is The Notebook which is the movie for romantics.


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