These Popular Cities Of The World Are THE Cities For Higher Studies

Popular Cities
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A place that is home to renowned universities, is safe to stay, provides all the basic amenities, and is affordable, is the ideal place in no study will have a problem studying in. Over the years, India has seen students opting to study in some commonly favoured popular cities, known to not just provide quality education but also a high standard of living. 

If you intend on studying abroad in the coming future, this article might help you. 

Here are a few of the most popular cities that students across the world choose to study in : 


Popular Cities
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This city is not just home to Britishers, but also to some of the oldest universities in the world like Oxford University and Cambridge University. This said, why would it not be the best city to study from. London is one of the most popular cities to pursue higher education from. There are many reasons why students choose to study in London. It has many of the world’s best universities and colleges which offer a variety of courses. Studying in London might become a little heavy on the pockets, but graduating from a college in London is sure to guarantee high returns. Moreover, living in a place where royalty resides adds a unique colour to every individual’s personality. A perfect mixture of quality education, sophisticated living, pleasant and moderate climatic conditions, stable political conditions, London is the perfect place to pursue your higher education.


Popular Cities
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A popular city in Australia, Sydney is specifically known for having a high quality of life. With reputed universities like the University of New South Wales, this city also offers rich quality education. Apart from this, the entire vibe of the city is totally different from that of other popular cities. If you are a person who loves to chill and relax, Sydney is the right pick for you. It has some of the most amazing beaches where you can bask under the sun and feel the cool breeze caress your skin. The living conditions too are comfortable as summers here are warm and winters, mild. In addition to the beaches, the people of this city too are fun-loving, relaxed and warm-hearted. Sydney is a multicultural city which makes it a little easier for international students to settle in.


Popular Cities
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This is the most fanciful city to be in. Though it takes a little time for an outsider to settle in, Paris is a true beauty. Once you get the hang of its charm and understand how it functions, you will not want to leave this French city. If you are a lover of fashion, architecture, culture and art, then Paris is the perfect city to study and witness all of these. The eye-pleasing aesthetic streets, astounding architecture, fancy cafes and deep history of the Parisian culture makes Paris the most visited city in the world. Why wouldn’t anyone want to study is such a city?


Popular Cities
Image Credits: Munich DWF

An affordable city which charges no tuition fees to its students studying in public universities, Munich is known for offering best business courses. Besides, it is home to some of the top-ranked universities of the world. The schools in Munich are equipped with the latest technology that promotes efficient teaching and learning. Munich is best known to specialise in fields of Economics, Engineering, Science and Medicine. Additionally, the abundant scholarships and grants available for students make education in the city easier. When not studying, one can spend quality time exploiting this magnificent city. So as long as you are good with abiding by the laws and rules, you will have memorable study experience in Munich.


Image Credits: Greater Boston Convention

Known as the global centre of higher education, Boston holds around 50 colleges and universities. With Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in the city, Boston becomes one of the best student cities not just in the US but also in the world. Boston is a vibrant city that teaches a person the art of forward-thinking, opens up the mind, and not just provides education but also knowledge and valuable experiences. Accommodation in Boston and harsh winter, however, can make living in the city a little difficult. 


Image Credits: Tourism Toronto

Toronto is a huge Canadian city. Canada is one of the best countries to gain higher education from. Therefore, studying in Toronto becomes a wise decision. Toronto too is popular for finance, business, arts and culture. It is recognised as a friendly and multicultural city. The colleges in Toronto offer a wide range of varied courses which include arts, journalism, film making, photography, fashion, among many others. The pedagogy here is unique as well. Many schools apart from being rich in academics are also creative with the extracurricular activities for students. They have their own radio channels, different kinds of student clubs, a student-run college newspaper, etc which foster skill development among students. Being a city, Toronto is extremely lively not just during the day but also at night. This makes it the ideal place for students who in addition to studying can also participate in numerous activities and not one experience boredom.

Leaving your home and going abroad to study is a huge change in life. Thus, deciding to study at a particular place is an important decision to make. Since you will be living in a city for a period of minimum one year, you have to ensure your safety, comfort and benefit. Detailed research of every city is, therefore, a must.


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