Not Just Your Job, But Your Hobbies Define You Too

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“I don’t get the time to have any hobbies.”

“My schedule takes up my entire day. I even work overtime now.” 

“I want to learn French, but I just don’t have the time to do anything outside of work. Let alone my interests or hobbies, I don’t even take care of my mental health at times.” 

Everybody who has a tight schedule has varied reasons behind being busy which forces them to work all days, of all weeks. Leisure hours like for poetry, singing and pottery are left behind in time as we progress into the extra rapid life of 2019. Today, people believe that their jobs and professions define them. But how far should we allow these aspects to control our lives and erase the reflections of our truer, simpler selves? 

Its when we begin to disassemble our minds and free itself of the pressures of the day, only then can we find something to fulfil our wholesome purpose and enjoyment of living. To people, leisure activities sound useless and unproductive. It is because we forget that life should not always be about productivity and should somehow fit in the idea of regularly caring for oneself. One can become an accountant, and still play classical music at night before eating. This should not define a person, differently.

In our quickening lives, we should change the very status of how we see self-care and leisure activities. A hobby only improves our lifestyle and hence, allows us the freedom to take breaks and nurture strong interests and passions. Hobbies can vary from choices that are common and different. To really develop on them would require a constant dedication in making time for adding them into your daily life and prioritizing them smoothly into your lives.

hobbies listening to music
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Following are a couple of hobbies that are found useful and help people release stress caused due to their busy schedules. These are, however, based on the interests of each individual:

  1. Listening to Soft Music
  2. Painting on Weekends
  3. Reading Different Genres of Books.
  4. Dancing on Pop Music
  5. Learning to Play Piano
  6. Learning a New Language
  7. Going for Long Walks
  8. Maintaining a Journal
  9. Exploring New Interests
  10. Collecting Some Antique Artifacts

Maybe not truly focused on hobbies, some people let off steam by the following:

  • Adopting a Pet
  • Regular Self Care
  • Going to Museums
  • Watching Films
  • Contributing to Shelters

In totality, what is highly recommended is that one should not allow his/her work to negatively affect your individual personality and lifestyle. Your job profile may try to narrow down the definition of who you are to a single sheet of paper, but it doesn’t mean that your life should be singularly confined to that. Above mentioned are the more popular and known solutions, but they are not the rule. You can choose your own ideas of relaxing and engaging yourself into the beauty of self-care and enjoyment.


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