The Tie Dye Trend Makes A Re-Entry Into The Fashion World

tie dye trend
Image Credits: WhoWhatWear

While we have been stuck at home with the ongoing pandemic, a number of people have immersed themselves in DIYs and home projects. Among these countless activities is the art of Tie Dye. It involves tying the garment and shielding some areas so they are protected from dye. On drying, eccentric patterns are formed. 

Tie dye brings to mind bright, colorful and bold patterns. But there is much more to it. These vibrant colours are a symbol of non-violence and hippies wore it to protest against the Vietnamese war and promote peace. Its popularity quickly spread in America in the 1960s. Tie dye has been around forever but recently, has made a comeback. 

Another form of tie dye, “Bandhani”, began in India almost 5000 years ago.  Muslim Khatri community of Kutch is believed to be one of the first community to use this form of dyeing. Khatri is a community associated with dyeing. Bandhan in Hindi means “tying”. Some patterns are made in a specific way to get a particular design. Natural elements were used to get these vibrant colours. Traditionally, two colors are used on one cloth.

Bandhani (Image Credits: NDTV Movies)

A similar technique exists in Japan known as “shibori”. There are three categories of patterns. The first is where they clamp the cloth between two pieces of wood, in the next one they use bound resists and lastly, wax resists. The end results of this usually shows a geometric and artistic design. 

Shibori (Image Credits: Famington Libraries)

The Africans used tie dye to create different symbols. In the beginning, they used grass strips as resists. Another method involves stitchting the garment tightly so the dye does not penetrate onto some parts. 

In recent years many celebrities have kept up with this trend. Timothée Chalamet, a fashion guru, was seen sporting colourful tie dye overalls at the annual Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. Cardi B wore a bright tie dye jumpsuit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV show. Taylor Swift donned a pastel tie dye outfit at the iHeartRadio Wango Tango Show in LA. The list goes on! Tie dye has been an all- time favourite for the band members of Grateful Dead and Phish. Their merchandise involves a variety of tie dyed garments. 

tie dye
Image Credits: Pinterest

It can be done quite easily by taking the cloth and tying it with several rubber bands. It is usually then immersed in dye. The portion held by the binds will not be dyed and will result in unique and endless patterns.  

It is not only cost effective but it will also bring out the creative side in you with its endless and vibrant patterns. Using natural dyes can be environmentally friendly and can easily brighten up your old curtains, bedsheets and clothes. 

Tie dye has been around forever and is a hidden aspect of many cultures. It is eye-catching and even a great way to start a conversation! It still carries on a sense of nostalgia and will always be timeless. 


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