Have You Considered Switching To Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty
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Clean beauty isn’t just a modern-day luxury. It is more of a pressing need for both the plant and its constituents. These days, not only well established multinational beauty companies are putting their best foot forward in the domain of clean beauty but also various startups are venturing in the same. Clean beauty has brought about a worldwide revolution in the beauty industry and has changed the face of beauty for its customers.

Ingredient transparency, farm to factory production and the use of AI in resolving multiple beauty concerns prove that clean beauty isn’t just a passing trend. 


Clean beauty products are made with ingredients that possess no potential harm to the skin. Hence, there’s no questionable ingredient present in them. However, clean products aren’t 100% organic or natural. They may contain synthetic or natural ingredients which are less harmful compared to their toxic counterparts that are full of a skin-damaging chemical such as parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, fragrances etc. Moreover, they are considerably less hazardous to the environment as they are produced using renewable and sustainable resources. 

Key factors responsible for the sudden push in the clean beauty industry:

1. Technological advancements– Innovations in beauty tech are the driving force behind the building success of beauty brands and particularly for the startups that are focusing on making clean beauty products. Artificial intelligence is one such miraculous invention that has revolutionized the beauty industry. Through artificial intelligence algorithms, brands are widening their customer base by resolving unique and diverse customer issues. They are seeking to discover other aspects that are yet to be introduced in the market.

2. Global rising competition– Since several startups are entering the personal care market, there is also a rise in competition among the companies. Every company is striving to achieve a cutting edge by either introducing never heard before products or by reviving the ancient methods and ingredients. 

For example- Would you rather buy a toxin-free shampoo or a chemical loaded shampoo for the same price?

Clean Beauty
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3. Consciousness towards the environment– Be it the food we eat, the clothes we wear or the personal care products we use- there is a growing concern regarding the overall health and wellness as well as for the nature in the minds of customers all around the world. 

The environmental exploitation is on the rise and no customer these days prefers to buy something that further degrades the environment. 

4. Knowledge centred customers- Customers are the king of the market. With the changing times and multiple experiences, they have made themselves aware of the good and bad. It is very unlikely that the consumers are fooled by the pretentious claims and luring offers. Similarly, the companies are investing heavily on R&D to get insights on the modern-day needs of the customers. 

Beauty startups that have ventured in the clean beauty business-

1. Be minimalist.co – Be minimalist was founded in March 2020. It is a clean beauty brand that deals with products catering to various skin concerns. The products are uniquely formulated from the active parts of plants which do not pose any harm on the skin. Be minimalist also believes in 100 % product transparency with its customers regarding the ingredients and their sources. Along with the benefits of moving towards better skin and environment, the products are extremely pocket friendly. Their skincare range starts from Rs 549. 

2. Vilvah – Vilvah is a brainchild of Krutika Kumaran, an entrepreneur based in Tamil Nadu who had first-hand experience of skin problems running in the family. The brand is known for creating handmade products from ingredients such as essential oils, goat milk, butter, aloe vera and other fresh farm produce. Following the norms of product transparency, Vilvah discloses all the ingredients that are used in the making of the product and uses biodegradable packaging and ethical paper. Their price range starts from Rs 350.

3. Pahadi Local – Launched in 2015, Pahadi Local is one of its kind clean beauty brands that uses the ingredients procured from the sacred Himalayas. The products are chemical-free and undergo a mandatory purity test before reaching the customers. The brand keeps a major focus on preserving the natural ecosystem of the Himalayas while bringing its goodness to the people around the globe. Their price range starts from Rs 775.

Now that you are all aware about what clean beauty is, and everything that revolves around it, it is time to change your beauty habits and switch to clean beauty for the good of not just your skin but also the environment. 


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