The Perks Of Digital Certification Courses For Young Professionals & Students

digital certification courses
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Who knew learning new skills would be so easy in the post-pandemic world and become a considerable factor for recruiters across? Digital certification courses have gained popularity recently as they are enabling students as well as professionals to learn new industry-relevant skills within the confines and comfort of their homes.

To be employable, it is undoubtedly crucial to pursue your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. One, however, needs to know that every sector of the economy today is undergoing constant and rapid changes. Organizations and recruiters are thus looking for individuals holding the latest industry-relevant skills and knowledge. This is pushing working professionals as well as fresh graduates to enrol themselves in digital certifications courses which help them in staying abreast with the latest developments. 

Further, with major tech giants like Twitter, Meta as well as Microsoft laying off employees, it has become even more imperative to say relevant and competitive. The only way to do so is by equipping yourself with the necessary qualifications and becoming an asset to the company. 

While many have a misconception that digital certification courses are purely for students sitting idle, the fact is that these courses can and must be taken up by students, fresh graduates, as well as working professionals. 

Various digital certifications courses like Google Data Analytics, Google Project Management, Google UX Design, Google IT Support, IBM Data Science, etc have helped many secure a job with big firms and up their career prospects. 

Digital certification courses are provided by private educational institutions like Harvard as well as ed-tech platforms like Coursera and Udemy. Many of these courses are also free of cost. The duration of the courses span from as short as six weeks to eight months ( 3-10 hours per week). 

Just like offline college courses, the certification courses have a good blend of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Further, college lecturers as well as industry experts are invited to formulate, structure and teach the courses to the applicants. 

The convenience with which one can upgrade their education qualification by taking up digital certification courses is undebatable. It is convenient for students as they can focus on these courses after their college hours or even one-two hour before going to bed, or even during lecture breaks. Similarly, working professionals can complete their courses after office hours or even during the weekends. 

As per studies conducted, there was 98% rise in the enrollment of these courses post-pandemic from individuals belonging to tier 1 and tier 2 cities. 

If you haven’t enrolled in any digital course, here are a few major reasons why you must: 

Expands your skills and knowledge base. Sometimes, your college can miss out on imparting education on certain aspects of your field of study. Digital certification courses stand a high chance of covering every important aspect since they are more closely connected to the industry. 

These courses can provide additional skills (ones that might not necessarily be connected to your industry) that can supplement your educational qualifications. Example: A data scientist can enrol for a course in research writing which can help them draft complex data reports in simple and clean language for others. 

It adds more value to the resume. The more digital certification courses you put on your CV the more skilled and qualified you look. 

Increases your chances of securing a job. As stated earlier, recruiters are willing to appoint those individuals who hold additional qualifications. 

It helps in building one’s reputation as one who is knowledgeable, eager and curious to keep learning, and stay informed. 

Here are some digital certification courses you can enroll for: 
  • Google Digital Marketing Certification
  • UX Deigning 
  • Coding 
  • Web Development 
  • Project Management
  • Big Data 
  • Courses by Google 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Computer Science 

Digital certification courses have proved to be extremely beneficial for younger professionals especially. They not just equip you with additional skills but also play a huge role in boosting your salary. Enrolling yourself in varied courses from time to time can go a long way in enriching your career path.  


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