The Onset Of Winter Is Going To Be Cooler With The All-New Shacket

Image Source: Instagram

A simple and cool apparel, shacket has made its entry into the fashion world and is undoubtedly winning hearts. Are you wondering what it really is? It’s more than a shirt and less than a jacket. In simple words, a shacket has the look of a shirt as well as a jacket.  

Many fashionistas, celebs as well as fashion influencers are spotted wearing a shacket. It is mostly oversized and is stitched in the shape of a shirt. Its fabric keeps you sufficiently warm on a breezy day. 

A shacket does not have a hoodie like a jacket, and is oversized, unlike a shirt. What makes it an absolute favourite is not just its comfort but also its versatility. 

You can wear it over a tee, tank top, or even a casual shirt. You can also choose to button it or leave it unbuttoned. Shacket is usually worn with jeans, jeggings or tracks, but you can also wear it as a dress. It comes in various fabric materials like flannel, denim, leather, etc. This thus can also be worn for different occasions as well. Be it for a night out, or a casual dinner with friends, a shacket is the new perfect choice. 

Don’t these look fancy and cool for a nice dinner plan on a chill day? Put it on and try it for yourself! 


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