The leader in you


Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed right from one’s college days. Ishita Malhotra, a member of AISEC, helps you discover and develop the leader in you.

A lecture, a college event, a choice of clubs and societies to choose from, an apprehension about placements, all these become a part of our journey whilst in college. The one feeling guiding you through all this is the willingness to do what you want. All in all, it’s a discovery of your own or someone else’s leadership which motivates you to stand up for something you believe in.

‘YOU LEAD’ is subtly becoming the buzz word used these days by politicians, college principals, some youth leaders themselves. Youth leadership has become synonymous with the future of the country these days, if it’s good, you’re secure, else it’s a cause of concern. This is something the youth realize fairly early. College activities such as being a class representative or leading a college club, all contribute towards their leadership journeys. Ambition is one thing that brings today’s youth closer to leadership, and when coupled with passion, it makes them stand stronger in their intent.


Another interesting behavior you get to see in college is how youth leaders equip themselves to handle the varying relationships with different categories of people. One of the most challenging yet exciting roles one has to play as a leader is juggling between different audiences. If you can’t manage to do this, it becomes harder to survive and stand up for things you believe in. After all, you do need people to support you and believe in you. We are living in an age when being ordinary as a leader is not an option, especially in light of the over-competitiveness that exists. Anything less does not count. This generation is fast, strong, smart and aware. People look up to you and get inspired by you for something that you have and they don’t. For instance, representing your college (students) to in front of a potential employer requires you to not just lead your college, but also justify why you are the best among the rest. If the ‘why’ is missing then it just becomes harder to achieve your goal. Perseverance and hard work always count in this age and one thing which most people miss is that youth is that segment of life where the curve of hard work versus success is linear, the more you put in the better you get. Hence, one of the most important essentials is to be committed to what you do, for that pure passion will be the independent stronghold on your journey towards your goal. So if life becomes challenging being a leader in college, at home or anywhere else, do not complain. When you start complaining, you potentially stop your efforts right there!

As for AIESEC, a global youth organization with a focus on youth empowerment through the development of leadership potential, as we believe, in leadership, age does play a role. Today’s youth is dynamic, aware, intellectual, competitive, and passionate. Hence, it’s important to capitalize on leadership in this state, than to leave it for experience, maturity and knowledge, which comes with a change in hair colour. However, leadership does not depend as much on what you have or possess, as it does your intent. That’s we at AIESEC focus on ‘Experiential Leadership development’ and yes, we are college students too!




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