The iPhone can now be in your hands

The iPhone can now be in your hands
The iPhone can now be in your hands

Apple has cut down the prices of the iPhone 5s in India. In the last four months, this is the third time they are bringing it down to almost half of the initial price. In September, the iPhone received its first price cut post the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. The 16GB variant was made available at Rs. 35,000.

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India is the most expensive country to buy the iPhone and other Apple products. With the latest price cut, the iPhone 5s price in India is now probably amongst the lowest in the world.

In the US for example, an unlocked iPhone 5s is still $450 (approximately Rs. 30,000). Presently, the iPhone 5s 16GB is available on Flipkart at a price as low as Rs.21, 948. Both Amazon India and Snapdeal are offering the iPhone 5s 16GB at Rs. 21,499.

But should you buy it? iPhone 5s is still popular, two years after its release. However, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

There’s a chance that the iPhone 5s might not get the update of iOS 10 or if the update comes, the phone might just become a hassle within a few months.

But besides this, the fact is the iPhone 5s is available at such an affordable rate makes it an attractive deal considering the quality of the phone, and of course, who wouldn’t want an Apple?




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