The Gimp


Gimp is a powerful photo editing software that has many of the important features of Photoshop. It is free to download and use on Linux, PC and Mac. The software allows you to edit your pictures, add effects, remove marks or blemishes and change the colours with precision.




Audacity is a free sound editing program that allows you to put together different sounds, splice your audio and so on. You can cut and copy tracks and modulate voice. You also have special effects like equalisation, noise removal and normalize vocal remover. These features can almost help you create your own remix track and be a DJ!





Wordpress is not just blogg i ng software – you can a lso set up a professional magazine website using it! It is available in 50 languages. It has a stats section displaying the deta ils of people visiting your blog. It automatical ly saves your writing , and sharing pictures from flicker and Photobucket is very easy. Support contact form is constantly active. Magazi neslike The Page and CN N’s Pol itical ticker are hosted here too.



Firefox is a simple web browser running on operating systems like Microsoft, Linux, and Mac OSX. It has a simplified toolbar helping you to manage tabs, bookmarks and even a search engine. You can even customize your toolbar. Other features are the Password manager that remembers your passwords for you and pop-up blocker blocks all the forced advertisements on your screen. If you lose connection or accidentally shut the browser, it automatically restores your session. The download manager sorts the data you want to download.


Open Office
Open Office is one of the greatest boons to students who often cannot pay the high prices required for Microsoft Office but require word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs, Open Office gives you all of these for free, and you can export you file into formats that can be read on Microsoft.



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