The Footwear Guide


Different occasions call for different shoes. Familiarise yourself with the musthaves in your shoe rack

Like the little black dress, these are a must-have for every formal occasion – like the office or a black-tie party – or even for a mix-n-match with casual wear. Rounded or point-tipped, either style will instantly make your legs sexy.
Asos – Rs. 1440
Carlton – Rs. 3495

Fashion-meets-utility shoes for everyday. Like ballet flats, they work well with most clothes, but unlike ballet flats, they are also apt for traditional Indian wear.
Rasberry – Rs. 999
Rocia – Rs. 890

The every-occasion shoe, ballet flats are great with skirts, jeans, trousers and dresses. If you want to add colour to your ensemble, or simply want a break from heels, these are your go-to shoes.
Catwalk – Rs. 1595
Enroute – Rs. 1999

For a fun ladies’ night or a cocktail party, keep a peep-toe pair handy. Team it with knee-length dresses.
Steve Madden – Rs. 3999
Jove – Rs. 899

When the tomboy in you wants to express herself or for one of those days when you fancy a langaid and leisurely walk.
Nike – Rs. 4560
Converse – Rs. 1499

These wood and jute-based platforms and wedges are perfect for balmy and whimsical sunny days. They add a feminine, bohemian and earthy touch to your wardrobe. Reportedly Kate Middleton’s current favourite kind of shoes.
Cobblerz – Rs. 1699
Woodstock – Rs. 3840

The quintessential chappals are still around and are the most comfortable for laid-back days. Available in a multitude of designs, including ethnic styles.
Egoss – Rs. 1495
Jessi Jordon – Rs. 1499

One notch above floaters and one notch below sports shoes, sneakers are ideal for stylish casual wear and double up as simple walking shoes. Not recommended for intense athletic activity.
Lacoste – Rs. 5200
Flying Machine – Rs. 1680

The footwear of choice for most men, these are perfect both regular wear and for beach wear. Comfortable and snug.
Puma – Rs. 2499

Suits and tuxedos would be incomplete without these shoes. May be teamed with trousers and chinos, but are then more difficult to pull off. Reserve them for dressy days.
Liberty – Rs. 1299
Red Tape – Rs. 2395

Once the traditional footwear of Native Americans, it has today become the symbol of smart-casual style. Perfect for wearing at home or for short walks. If  the soles have rubber tabs, the moccasins are ideal for driving.
United Colors of Benetton – Rs. 3999
Zovi – Rs. 1299

Comfortable, useful and fashionable – sports shoes today come in several  varietiesfor every sporting and athletic activity. Meant for days in the gym and on the sports field. Otherwise, a big no-no.
New Balance – Rs. 4499
Adidas – Rs. 2799



Volume 2 Issue 8