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In 2004, Pavan Anand exchanged a career in architecture for his passion in jewellery. He has designed for many celebrities, both national and international, and continues to set his sights on higher goals. We dig deep and uncover the man behind the brand who is spiritual, confident and focused on the future.

Innovation for you means:
Innovation for me implies the execution of a concept that is not only novel in its concept but also in its creation process.

The biggest praise you have received:

I recently designed a piece for Goldie Hawn. To receive appreciation from her for the design, skill and craftsmanship on that piece was extremely gratifying.

You draw inspiration from:
I think inspiration is all around us. In the form of every individual, experience and location we encounter. One just needs the eyes to see it.

A piece of jewellery you’d like to own:

From contemporary choices, a necklace designed by Leviev with multiple 5 carat flawless square cut diamonds. From the old world, it would have to be the Patiala necklace from the Patiala Jewels.

The perfect engagement ring:
A 3 carat princess- cut diamond with pronounced claws set against white gold.

Any one celebrity you would like to see wearing your designs:

Your biggest achievement till date:

To be awarded my own show on the Toronto Shopping Channel twice a year. Also, to have carried out a showing in association with Versace in Jakarta in 2011 was a brilliant exercise.

Advice for young jewellery designers:

It is imperative to have an authentic and novel offering in today’’s other wise  extremely cluttered space in terms of product and design.

Describe Dagmar in three words:
Couture, avant garde, sexy.

Favourite piece of jewellery you own:
A 4 carat Colombian emerald ring.

Your idea of success:

For me, genuine noteworthy success comes from someone identifying his/her passion and true skill set and using those to materialise a thriving career. That
is success for me.

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Michelle Pfeiffer – there’’s something very effortlessly beautiful about her personality.

Your favourite precious stone: The Colombian Emerald.

Your Favourite Design of Date:

A necklace titled The Marrakesh I’d designed in 2012. It is essentially an exquisite stiff Baroque Mesh with rose cut diamonds and an outsized sumptuous simulated Colombian emerald.


Volume 2 Issue 8


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