Is Technology Taking Away The Childhood?


Sometimes I wonder what my childhood would have been like if computers & phones at that time hadn’t been magical. But I think my childhood was the best one. Playing with my friends, talking and laughing with them. Running on the ground, playing hide and seek, it was fun. But kids nowadays don’t like to play outside much. They’re always on their phone or other gadgets indoors.

People are changing and so is the time. And because of that now children are so busy with the gadgets rather than playing outside. They are getting too comfortable with these new things and becoming lazy too. Actually kids should play on the ground not on phones and computers.

I have seen that a family is in a restaurant having a good time together but the kid is playing his parent’s phone. In one way the technology is running faster day by day and we all know that it’s growing because of us, for our easy daily lives. But it’s taking away the childhood from every child.

We all know that people likes easy things, and it’s easy to play on an iPad than play outside. But doctors also suggest that kids should play outside, because it helps to grow them physically.

As an example my brother is always on his phone and this distracts his mind to concentration on his study. And he’s so addicted that use his phone during eating and while doing other stuffs. Even he use his phone when he’s studying. And this is the reason he’s scoring bad. So we can see that this addiction on phones and other gadgets is growing day by day & it’s getting worst.

I think the main reason behind this change is, the kids now a days are lonely. In every house there is one child, and there is no one to play with him/her. Their parents are busy with their work, and that’s why they feel more alone. If parents take out some time for their children then maybe it’ll work out. They wouldn’t be addicted with the technology.


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