Cool Summer Look For Girls


As we all feel the heat beating us down this summer, here are a few lists of clothing items that you should sport this summer, to keep you comfortable and looking your best, even in this sweltering heat.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a very casual and chic look for summer that can be worn with a classic pair of denim, skirts, maxi skirts or even shorts. If you’re afraid of showing a little tummy, pair it with some high-waist pants and you’re good to go.



Shorts are a must wear during summer as it is probably the perfect time to show off those long legs! Shorts are extremely versatile, as you can pair them with almost anything. You can go casual with a basic top, shorts and sneakers combo, or dress it up with a fun off-shoulder blouse and a pair of sandals.


Skirts are a good too as they are easy to slip on, especially when on the run, and it also gives more room for your legs to breathe and move around. You can also dress up or dress down your looks depending on the occasion. If you’re a working professional, a flowy mid-length skirt with a formal shirt is the way to go. College-going students can opt for a knee-length A-line denim skirt with a basic t-shirt.

Summer Dresses

Summer dress can be elegant for an event with a pair of fancy shoes and costume jewellery or dressed down casual with comfort sandals. There are a lot of inexpensive options in the market, especially on e-commerce websites. Besides, this could probably be a good excuse to take advantage of the numerous sales!

A White T-shirt

Probably everybody’s summer wardrobe staple, you can never go wrong with classic whites. The colour White is also known to reflect heat, which is why even your favourite celebrities are often seen sporting their whites in the scorching heat. Whether you’re going casual, semi-formal, or a for a night out in the town, a white tee is your perfect companion.




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