Summer Jobs To Engage In During Vacations

Cool Summer Jobs

Summer vacations are students’ favorite part of the year, and while many consume time just lazing about, there are some who use this ample amount of time to do something productive, which will help them in their futures. Summer jobs benefit students by giving them work experience, while many are also able to decide the stream they want to pursue in future. Here is a list of a few constructive jobs you can do to make the most of your summer vacation.


Working at a local NGO can be helpful in many ways. NGOs offer a wide range of jobs, from teaching underprivileged children, to planting trees, to cleaning up filthy areas like beaches, and more. Working with an NGO teaches you the basic fundamentals of how to be a good citizen. You also get to learn how to be organized, patient, and to care for the needy. NGOs play a large part in preparing you for future employment opportunities.


Blogging has evolved over the last few years into different spectrums related to food, fashion, travel, make-up, technology, and more. If you’re a foodie, food blogging is ideal for you. You can visit nearby restaurants and write reviews on it, either on your own webpage or on a social media platform. Your writing skills become finer, and you also get to explore new places.

Blogging has become a great way for people to share their hidden talent with the world. People who love to travel have opportunities to shoot their whole journey and make travel video blogs or ‘vlogs’. Any type of blogging that you choose is a perfect marriage between fun and work. Use and hone your social media skills to the maximum.

Film or TV Shows making

Passionate actors, photographers and videographers, scriptwriters, lyricists, musicians can come together to collaborate for a film or a TV show. If you see a future in this industry, making films during vacations is the right way to go. Making a film takes time, and is an uphill task. Writing the script, planning the budget, selecting actors, and filming at different locations, requires a great amount of time and patience. Getting behind the scenes in the film or television industry is a great way to spend your vacation. Although it requires hard work, the end result is quite fruitful.

Media and publishing

The media industry is one of the biggest industries in the country. Working at a newspaper house, publishing house or a TV channel is exhilarating. It involves a good amount of research, contacting people and interviewing them. Writing articles can also become a big part of your job. Working in media houses offers you a chance to work with some of the most experienced, and probably famous professionals in the industry. The learning experience you take from here will go a long way in your future.


If you are old enough and have a skill to impart, you can assist a tutor or start tutoring on your own by engaging with individuals or a group. Teaching provides experience, and also brushes up your skills be it academics, music or any sport you love and excel in. People wanting careers as a teacher or a professor need to start working for it from a young age, and tutoring is a perfect way. You might also get to earn money from this job.

Managing & Marketing

Careers in commerce and finance streams are becoming quite popular. You can start by managing accounts and small transactions for general stores. You might even get to pitch your own ideas for marketing. Communication is improved as you learn to talk to customers and sell your product. Overall, working as a manager improves your marketing and accountancy skills

So try your hand at any of these fun jobs that may help shape your career, or prevent you from getting into the wrong one. If this doesn’t work for you, move on the next one with your head held high, knowing that you’ve at least tried. Happy summer interning!


  1. Great article. So many well laid out ideas! Especially loving the blogging section… endless possibilities there if people can work out a clear plan.


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