Students of Lovely University Showcase Next Generation Automobiles


A total of 15 futuristic automobiles, created by the students of Lovely University, will be showcased to the auto industry at the Auto-Expo 2014 on the 5th of February 2014. The automobiles to be featured include unique cars and bikes created in the hope of  bringing to the fore the future of this booming industry.

The exposition will include the world’s first family solar car, the world’s smallest car, mobile operated driverless car, unique bikes, a hexa copter – that will be used for photo shoots, air surveillance and the air carry of consumer good,  and many more such vehicles. Along with the slew of innovative vehicles, the Hybrid Cryogen Engine – an automobile accessory is also one among the list of displays at the expo. This accessory utilises nitrogen in an attempt to make fuel consumption in vehicles more efficient.

The showcase will also feature ‘Metal Boy’, a structure made up of 12 Maruti 800 cars which is believed to hold the world record for being the first structure with exceptional height and balance for a robotic creation. 


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