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Mr. Vijayaraghavan, General Manager – HR & Shared Services of Stempeutics Research, tells us how we can be at the forefront of scientific research that is building the future

The world is rapidly changing around us. We speak in 142 characters and through a constant stream of images. We photograph and document every aspect of our lives. We are moving further and further away from the familiar into the unknown. Science and technology rule our lives, through smart phones and smart televisions. Speed is of the utmost importance here, we want information in a matter of seconds. We want answers to all our questions and cures for all manner of diseases. The wonderful part of all this? It’s actually happening right now. We are getting the answers and moving closer to cures. We are living in a world where we are living the future every day.
This is all thanks to advancements made in scientific laboratories. Over years and years of research have led us here. The tireless work of laboratory researchers, looking into making the world a safer and better place has given us cures and treatments for diseases and life threatening ailments.
Consider the hottest industry at the moment – the stem cell industry. Students of biology with an inclination towards research are viable candidates in this field. All one needs is a Post Graduate in regenerative medicine or in science and knowledge of biology. Stem cells, the cellular building blocks in our body are the ones responsible for repair, regeneration and now creating treatments, new drugs and cures of a number of life threatening ailments and sicknesses. Working in the stem cell industry is akin to working towards an exciting future.
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India provides an invigorating field of research for students interested in the stem cell industry. The country is one of the key players in research and development of the stem cell industry in the Asia Pacific region. The Indian government has implemented a number of policies to help encourage the country’s role in leading the way towards stem cell research.The current investment in stem cell research in India is more than Rs 1,000 crore. However, it’s not just the government that has worked towards this endeavor. A number of private companies with attached laboratories are helping to conduct research and create patents of revolutionary drugs and supplements.
One of the companies that is at the forefront of this movement is Stempeutics. Based in Bangalore and Manipal, Stempeutics is a company that excels in stem cell research. Their prime objective is to develop stem cell based medicinal products, through their facilities based Bangalore and Manipal. “Established in January 2006, Stempeutics has been developing innovative stem cell products by nurturing cutting edge research and clinical applications through dedicated efforts of its highly qualified team,” says Mr. BN Manohar, Managing Director at Stempeutics Research.
Advanced science is more than just babies growing in test tubes and beginning life in Petri dishes. Research topics like stem cells give us the opportunity to tackle diseases that are tearing apart the planet, from sudden epidemics to terminal urban diseases. Science is changing itself and our world everyday step by step. Along this line, scientists working at Stempeutics have filed over 25 patents and have published over 50 peer reviewed international publications. The company’s main objective is to “deliver safe, effective and affordable stem cell products in a ‘Bench to Bedside’ approach.”
As a major player in this field, it’s a fine space for interested parties and students to start training. Working in these laboratories gives students an opportunity to be at the forefront of the development of cutting edge science. Stempeutics is the first company ever to receive a process patent from the state intellectual property office of China (SIPO), for a Stem Cell Drug based on Pooling Technology. Stempeutics is not just making headlines within the space of its research. It’s an extremely evolved space that encourages more and more women in the workspace. The Research and Development arm of the company is actually comprised mostly of women, with just one man. “There has been a drastic change in the statistics of women working today as compared to that in the last 15 years in India,” said Mr. Vijayaraghavan. “Women today feel safe when they step out of their house knowing they have certain facilities, which allow them focus more on their work. Women are more productive and enthusiastic, solve problems, use their creativity, meet challenges and learn new concepts and skills; all this because they know they have excellent people policies at work to back them.” A multi-facted approach like this to move towards the future, not just through their product but also through their HR system and processes is indeed a rare thing.
“With the establishment working in favour of building upon this realm of science, it is becoming easier to spread awareness in the country about the importance of stem cell research and implementation in the realm of science,” said Mr Vijayaraghavan. He also said, “Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji, has also urged the scientists to interact with school children and motivate them to build careers in the field of stem cell research.”
In a stronger move to add more to these efforts, India – SAF (an advocacy forum for stem cell) has also announced Stem Cell Awareness Day, from this year on. It’s an effort to make more and more aware of the regenerative, reparative and curative properties of stem cell research. Working with stem cells essentially means working with the future. It’s a very new field that changes every day. In turn, it also changes the world with it. It fills gaps left by existing ailments and creates solutions that are the least intrusive and most beneficial for patients. It’s also an exciting field for those interested in it as a long term career. A comprehensive medical background is not required to be part of it. Instead biology students with an interest in research, who are ready to dive deepinto laboratory work, will be perfect candidates. It’s a fulfilling space for those interested in cutting edge scientific research.

“Women today feel safe when they step out of their house knowing they have certain facilities, which allow them focus more on their work. Women are more productive and enthusiastic, solve problems, use their creativity, meet challenges and learn new concepts and skills; all this because they know they have excellent people policies at work to back them.”


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