Skullcandy Pipe Speaker Dock (Rs.3,400)


Audiophiles will love this sleek piece of gadgetry. Why? Simply because it’s not only a good looker but this speaker dock also sounds amazing no matter how loud you crank up the sound. And, it’s highly portable too! Slip it into your bag and listen to music anytime, anywhere. Compatible with the iPhone, iTouch and iPod, this dock is equipped with plenty of good features since the technology employed is top notch too. If you aren’t an Apple loyalist, use the provided cable to listen to music via any brand of smart phones, laptops or MP3 players. Expect some crisp sound quality along with decent bass and sharp trebles. Choose to power this speaker dock via AC power or by using a regular AA battery if you wish to use it in the great wide outdoors. It’s the perfect holiday gadget. Not only that; it fits in the smallest of bags too. Now you won’t have to bother about lugging around a heavy set of speakers. Use it in your car for great on-the-go entertainment. Good looks, decent sound quality, an affordable price and easy portability make the Skullcandy Pipe Speaker Dock a good buy. The design is young but has a touch of sophistication with its chrome body. You’re bound to love the skull design on the speaker too! Bundled in the Skullcandy
Pipe Speaker Dock is a remote control and an audio line-in cable. Affordable to the core, this speaker dock proves the old adage true that good things come in small packages!

Volume 1 Issue 9


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