USA's Rutgers University to Offer Courses in India Soon!


A special delegation from USA’s Rutgers University is currently visiting the country meeting with institutions and colleges to discuss academic tie-ups. The trip has a two-part agenda; the first includes discussions to establish partnerships with colleges to offer their programmes and courses in India. The second part of the agenda is to attend the study tour with other colleges in association with the Institute of International Education (IIE). Rutgers already set foot in the field last year when it offered its mini-MBA, a week-long intensive management programme for entrepreneurs and other management professionals. According to David Finegold, Senior VP for Lifelong Learning and Strategic Growth, the university is now seeking to build and continue on that idea with other more focussed programmes like bio-pharma, digital marketing and an executive MBA with a partner school. Other programmes on the anvil include a feeder programme for those who want to opt for a business and science joint master’s degree in the United States. “The feeder programme will help those students to bridge the gap of knowledge of what they have pursued here and what they are expected to know before they start the programme. It also would work for those who want to change their streams from arts or commerce to science,” informs Finegold. Rutgers is also looking at agriculture courses and a few in the Indian languages.

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