Atari Arcade (Rs.2,924)


Even though Atari’s old-school favourites like Centipede, Missile Command and Asteroids are now available as a downloadable app known as the Atari Greatest Hits app for iPhones and iPads, the experience is still nowhere close to the retro experience that the golden joystick and buttons used to offer. You can now get the best of both worlds and experience a good deal of nostalgia using the Duo Powered Atari Arcade! Simply slip your iPhone or iPad into this rather cool console and game your way back into the good old retro days of arcade gaming. Even though the Atari Arcade works with just a single app (you get over 100 Atari games!), it’s well worth a buy, since no Atari game that is played on a touch-screen device has the power to make you feel warm and fuzzy about simpler times when all you needed was a joystick and four buttons!

Volume 1 Issue 9


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