Short-Term Courses With Long Term Effects

Short-Term Courses

Learning can never really go to waste and if you are one of the lucky people who is already doing what they want to do, it may be beneficial to consider enrolling in a capsule course to refresh your mind and have an edge over the competition.

From entry level to senior management, there is always scope for everyone to learn something new that’s out there and more importantly, it’s a great way to discover the impact of new technologies in your particular industry. Here are a few industry specific capsule courses for you to consider that might help you get ahead.


The food industry today, especially in tier one cities, is rapidly growing and the competition is cut throat. New eateries and products are constantly spoiling customers for choice. For chefs in the industry it can be really beneficial to know what is out there and what the consumers are engaging with.

Pooja Dhingra’s Le 15 chain is perhaps one of the most successful names in its category and she has recently opened a café/bistro as well. Under the umbrella of her brand, she offers classes for professionals and enthusiasts alike to learn how to make desserts as well as savory food that is a hit with all consumers. Author of a successful cookbook and an even more successful company, Dhingra is definitely someone to look out for, and if she has advice to give it is certainly worth listening.

More information on the classes offered by her company can be found at the Studio Fifteen website:

Health and Wellness

If the popularity of chia seeds and kale has taught us anything it is that need for super foods and overall fitness related meal plans is on an all time high. To fulfill this need and to tap into the expanding health food market, dietitians, nutritionists and even people in the hospitality industry might be interested to learn about the various aspects of healthy eating so they can translate that knowledge to their respective area of work.  VLCC offers workshops and courses for people interested in learning about nutrition for personal or professional reasons, and they are a trusted name in the industry; as well as a retailer of skincare products. The company is a household name and is also a credible institute to train from.

For more information:


Oftentimes people forget that clothing is just as essential a requirement as food or shelter. Even people that are not fashion savvy will have fashion preferences and it is an industry that will never die out.

With the arrival of 3 D printing and other technological advancements, there are many new and exciting things to get acquainted with in the industry. NIFT is a recognized and top rated institute, and they boast of an incredible list of successful alumni. The institute also offers  that can be pursued alongside a full time position for people working in the field. A certificate from NIFT can really open doors for interested students and propel existing professionals to the next level.

Learn more about the courses offered at:


For most successful and struggling artists, the need for inspiration is constant. It is always helpful to work with other people and keep your own perspective fresh and contemporary. The Nikon School for photography may be located in Gurgoan, but they conduct workshops across the nation that focus on various aspects of photography. A product of one of the biggest players in the industry,  The Nikon School offers workshops on a variety of different categories.

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The True School of Music located in Lower Parel, in Mumbai and is a state of the art facility for anyone looking to pursue music in a formal capacity. The school contains top of the line equipment and also doubles as a recording studio. Whether it is looking for a place to rehearse or even a place to meet other musicians to collaborate with, it is a great spot to visit for anyone in the industry looking to mingle with, learn from or recruit new talent.

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