When Shark Tank & Planet of the Apps Combined- E-Merge 2k19


E-Merge 2k19, a national level competition for up & coming startups in India, is lined up on the 7th & 14th of April of 2019, and is well on it’s way to be the first & only such competition of its kind in India.

Someone wise once said that, “2019 is the year of Startups in India.” And boy, E-Merge 2k19 is indeed a testament to this statement!

Startups, entrepreneurs, innovators as well as student-preneurs all over India will by vying to compete and grab a chance at accelerated incubation followed by investment all in the same week!

E-Merge 2k19, as the name suggests, is a competition based on the theme of “Collaboration”,
wherein associations with JITO Incubation & Innovation Foundation, Centre for Incubation & Business Acceleration, SP-TBI, Navayuvak Entrepreneurs and numerous other incubators and investors, have ensured the creation of a sustainable national level platform and ecosystem for startups, investors and incubators alike. Hosted by the Entrepreneurship Cells of Don Bosco Institute of Technology (Mumbai) & Sardar Patel Institute of Technology (Mumbai), E-Merge 2k19 aspires to foster this spirit of collaboration amongst the up and coming startups in India.

This competition has the essence of the popular ABC show Shark Tank gelled up with the accelerated incubation aspect of Apple’s Planet of the Apps to create a unique competition structure which is as follows:

Round 1: Elevator Pitch Round

Participants will have a limited amount of time to explain the crux of their idea and the problem-solving aspects of it. This idea will be presented to the panel that consists of Startup Mentors and Incubators. The panel will then shortlist the startups to proceed to the next stage.

Round 2: Accelerated Incubation Round

A panel of incubators/mentors will take under their wing the participants whose idea they strongly believe and incubate/mentor them for a week thereby consequently trying to optimize the participant’s idea, pitch-deck, networks and any other aspect of it. This will also provide an opportunity for startups as well as incubation centers to synergize and explore any future incubation and investment opportunities.

Round 3: Investment Round

The startup, along with their incubator/mentor will pitch their idea to a jury of investors. Deals happening during the competition are handshake deals, and specifics of the investment will be discussed post the competition. E-Merge 2k19 would not have any interference in that process.

So if you’re an aspiring/existing startup, entrepreneur or innovator looking to accelerate their startup and jumpstart your growth, E-Merge 2k19 is just the right platform for you! Register now!


Event Dates & Venue:  
Stage 1&2 – 7th April 2019 – Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Stage 3 – 14th April 2019 – Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

Registration Fees:
₹1,000/- (for the entire team which includes lunch, refreshments along with a kit for both days.)

Accommodation will be provided to the teams if need be and will be chargeable.

The link to register is:

For further queries,
Contact us at:
+91 9082454955 Clinton Rodrigues, E-Cell Head, DBIT.
+91 97029 78638 Wesley Pereira, E-Cell Head, SPIT.


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