Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant


Author: Anonymous Hitesh Shah has been stuck at the same position at a coveted job in an accounting firm for seven years. Disciplined, honest and hardworking, he picks up the slack for his manager and colleagues, but is not considered to be a ‘team player’. After being passed over for a promotion one too many times, he decides to accept a position as a CEO at an offshoot of a failing automobile company. Thanks to his efforts, the company’s fortunes turn around with his. He is a rising star in the corporate world; his parents finally stop nagging him; and he starts dating a glamorous model. But Hitesh’s luck seems to be in the doldrums. Just when things are going well for him, he is accused as the perpetrator of a financial scam. On the run from the law and thousands of investors vying for his blood, he soon finds that he has run out of options. The corruption in ‘new India’ has no place for honest and ethical behaviour. Will Hitesh manage to get out of this mess? The novel is realistically narrated and Hitesh’s predicaments strike a familiar chord to those in the corporate world with sharp insights into the corrupt machinations of large industries today.

Volume 1 Issue 8


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