I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love: My Journey From Lust to Love!


Author: Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu First time writer Sandhu has tried his best to be a Chetan Bhagat wannabe with his book, but has failed miserably. It’s all the same: an engineering college saga with ragging escapades, new friends, crushes, girlfriends and falling in love at the end. The protagonist Ronnie is just another lad hailing from Patiyala who has no big dreams but just likes to have fun and gala time with his friends. The story revolves solely around Ronnie and his antics of being a teenage guy with no proper ambition. His life in college, first sexual encounter on the fresher’s day with the most popular girl of the college, flirting and flings and exam tensions till he actually falls in love makes for dull reading. There is no novelty in the storyline and the plot is weak and thin. Though the writing is good and the writer has potential, he still has a long way to go. It certainly cannot be recommended as a good book but one can have a good and light read of it on a train or flight.

Volume 1 Issue 8


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