The Testy Tangles, Mumbai



What started as an anticipation of some lip smacking Mexican fare for my cousins and me, ended up with some strictly average South East Asian food, thanks to the Sunday night rush. The Tasty Tangles in Khar, Mumbai does not live up to its name, at least for the vegetarian offerings on the menu. With an average starter price of Rs. 250 and an average main course dish at Rs. 350, one would expect decent food at least. Or have the basics correct. The steamed rice accompanying our Thai green curry was undercooked and the lemon grass cooler (I don’t remember the name) had no flavour of lemon grass! It just tasted like diluted lemon iced tea. The Tasty Tangles special fried rice had peas (who puts peas in fried rice?! Not even the street Chinese stalls commit such blasphemy!) Our vegetable dumplings were stuffed with veggies that were cut salad style and falling out, rather than some lovely and sticky veggie mince that makes for a great dumpling filling. The saving grace was just the vegetable green Thai curry,  which tasted like it should have. The Shanghai noodles with vegetables did nothing special for us, we just ate because we were hungry and we paid Rs. 399 for it! Of course, till then we had not counted the VAT and the service charge that we were going to pay. Since we were a hungry bunch that Sunday night and the food disappointed us so much, I can’t say that the quiet, spacious and clean ambience did anything to enhance our dining experience even a little bit. All in all, it was disappointing. And, I am sorry to say, I certainly can’t recommend the place; in fact, I will dissuade  anyone who wants to go there voluntarily! Pinnacle House, 1st Floor, P D Hinduja Marg, Khar West, Mumbai – SHRUNAL KAMDAR (Rupees – 600 Per Person)

Volume 1 Issue 8


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