Say Buh-Bye To Feeling Low Midday At Work. Try This

Feeling low
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We all have experienced days where we just feel completely off and low. On such days, you find everything difficult, irritating and equally annoying. You don’t feel like talking to anyone either. All you feel like doing is not dealing with anything. We absolutely get it. Feeling low has become quite normal. 

Can you even blame yourself, given the amount of stress that you undergo on a daily basis? The answer is simply no. You and everyone around you are constantly in a hustle to climb up the ladder of success at the earliest and also improve the quality of life. In an attempt to do this, stress and anxiety come handy. 

We are hit with a low mood often in the middle of a working day. You find yourself sitting in front of your computer screen and contemplating about how your life is progressing. Experiencing low mood is temporary. 

To uplift your mood and feel better, you can do the following things: 

Call up a friend

feeling low
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Call up someone who is in a true sense your “I am only one call away” type of a friend. A call to a friend is the healthiest therapy ever. Talk to your friend and open up. Tell him/her about what is bothering you. Sharing your problems with a friend helps a lot. After talking to your friend, you can get back to work with a fresh mind. 

Take a break 

Sometimes, too much work also leads to feeling low. If you feel you are becoming unproductive in the middle of the day, just stop working and take a break of 5 mins. It is completely okay to go easy on the emails and report for 5 mins out of the 6-7 hours of daily work. During this time, you can just sit back with your eyes closed or simply just walk around a bit (only if your office is flexible enough) 

Listen to music 

There is no other voice as soothing as A.R. Rahman’s (that was personal opinion though). You can put on your headphones and listen to your favorite singer’s songs. Music helps to distract your mind from all negative thoughts. Your stress and low feeling will be replaced with the feeling of calm and relaxation 

Go for a walk 

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Sitting in the same place is daunting and also gets dull. This too results in feeling low. Go for a short walk outside your office and get some fresh. Though for a short period, this walk can be rejuvenating. You can also make it a ritual to take a walk in the evening. This way your mind will get refreshed and help in boosting your productivity.  

Read a book 

Just as how music helps, similarly reading a few pages of a book also helps in feeling better. If you are not reading a book currently, read something nice online. There are many blogs that publish short stories which are hardly 5 minutes reads. Trust me this helps in getting your mind off everything that had you feeling low in the first place. However, make sure you read something positive (don’t even think of going through the news. There is hardly anything positive happening there) 

Eat your favorite food 

Feeling low
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Okay, I agree this isn’t a healthy choice, but if it is going to help you to get through with your day at work, then why not? It’s just a one-time thing (unless you make it a daily habit). Be it a sada dosa or some fries, order and eat what makes you feel better. Doing this once in a while is perfectly fine. You can also have ice cream as it is a great mood uplifter! 

How about a mint chocolate brownie scoop? It will surely bid adieu to your low feeling. 


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