Inventor of revolutionary maths to visit India

Robert Sun, Inventor of revolutionary maths teaching programme to visit India in November
Robert Sun, Inventor of revolutionary maths teaching programme to visit India in November

Robert Sun, Chairman, President and Chief Executive of Suntex International Inc., is an inventor, engineer and entrepreneur and holder of numerous U.S. patents. He also holds numerous copyrights in the field of educational games that have produced over $50 million in sales.

During the past 26 years, Sun has seen his latest creations—the First In Math® Online Program and the complete line of 24® math games used by more than millions of students throughout the United States and abroad, as innovative tools that are teaching a new generation of students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

“I wanted to demonstrate that mathematics can be powerful, engaging and fascinating. The essence of math is patterns. What is important in mathematics is not what a number ‘means’ but how it can connect with other numbers. Get good at math and you will have the skills to understand how our universe works. The power of math transcends cultures and I believe it is imperative that we teach our youth skills that are universal”, Sun explains.

Combining creativity and technical skill, Sun embarked on devising a way to show the relationship between numbers through a game. Hence the creation of the 24® game, which has proven to successfully engage students from all economic and social backgrounds.

Sun graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970 with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering.  Bob Sun’s unique talent is that he can combine the intellectual and the practical and he is a nationally-recognized expert in the use of technology to enhance math education.

Used by over 10 million students in the US, First in Math is a standard aligned program that utilizes digital gaming to facilitate deep practice among students upto grade 8.  Math proficiency scores of students have seen a significant increase after implementation of FIM in school.

In July 1994, Sun travelled to South Africa, where the 24® game has reached over one million schoolchildren. Sun addressed leaders in education, business, government and media, on developing a national strategy to upgrade the numeric literacy of all South African children.

Robert Sun’s greatest hope is that the 24® game and First In Math® will serve as a tool to help create a new generation of thinkers. He continues to inspire young students to connect with the world of numbers and move on to excel in the fields of mathematics and science.

Robert Sun would be visiting India in the last week of November, 2015.  Scheduled to tour several cities and meet with leaders in the Ed-tech sector, this life-long innovator will participate in meetings with prominent school leaders to discuss ways to create sustainable 21st-century learning environments.  Sun will speak to educators on several trending topics, and will discuss interventions that have the greatest impact on student achievement.

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