Restaurant Review : Oh! Fudge – The One-Stop Shop For All Your Fudgy Needs

Oh! Fudge

Nestled in a grocery store on Bandra’s ever-lively Carter Road, Oh! Fudge is a quaint little store that will crave all your fudgy needs. Since their foray into Mumbai’s ever-growing food space, in 2016, they’ve garnered quite a fan following. They currently have 6 stores scattered across Mumbai, and are best known for their delectable homemade fudges.

“We started off just trying to create a product that people love. At the same time, we wanted to provide a healthier option to satisfy dessert cravings, as a counter to all the products full of artificial flavours and preservatives which are flooding the market today. We want to be an all natural food company that specializes in desserts’, said founders Jayesh Mirchandani and Prateek Vaid, who quit their corporate jobs for something sweeter – Oh! Fudge.

We began with a Chocolate Hazelnut Shake, loaded with hazelnut-y goodness. Oh! Fudge says that they make the thickest and best shakes in the world – Thickest? Definitely! Best? A pretty tall claim, which depends on each palette. Although, we thoroughly devoured it, and enjoyed it to our heart’s content. The shake can fill you up pretty easily so make sure you’re going on a relatively empty tummy, or have no plans of a heavy meal after.

We were then treated to one of their best sellers, the Chocolate Nutella fudge – a decadent chocolate fudge topped with a dollop of Nutella. This one ticked all the right boxes for us, in terms of flavour and of course, Nutella! By now, we were probably on the verge of a sugar rush, so we decided to have some baked potato wedges. The wedges were average at best, and were slightly overcooked, but certainly rebooted our palettes for some more sweetness.













Next up was the Blueberry fudge. This may not be suited to everyone’s liking, especially if you’re not an ardent sweet eater. While it tasted divine, it was a tooth-hurting kind of sweetness, so a bite or two of this would be sufficient to tell you that enough is enough!

We ended our sojourn with a Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge, rich dark chocolate fudge with candied orange bits in it. If you’re a dark chocolate freak, you’re definitely going to love this one! Dark chocolate and orange is known to be a historically winning combo, and this fudge definitely did justice to that. However, it does take a while for the orange flavour to come through, but when it does, there’s no stopping at just one bite!

Oh! Fudge has a variety of options to leave you thoroughly spoilt for choice. And with the commencement of the celebratory season almost round the corner, you might want to take advantage of their various gifting options – their fudges will certainly make for a stellar Diwali gift, and their aesthetic packaging is a cherry on the cake.

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