Restaurant Review – Carouse: When Rustic Royalty Meets An Urban Nightclub

Carouse Ambience

If you’re in the mood for a fine-dining experience, Carouse is the place to be. The ambience reeks of royalty, yet somehow manages to give out a nightclub-like vibe. The rustic yet royal interiors keep the place going, and the floor is spacious enough to occupy a hefty crowd.

We started our meal with the Cheese Poppers, cheesy bits of heaven that were crumb coated and deep fried to perfection, served with a delightful mayonnaise. We then moved on to the Tandoor Grilled Sichuan Peppercorn Prawns. It was a little too spicy for our liking, but the green mango salsa that came with it knocked off some of the spice. We washed these down with a cranberry-flavoured Jump and Kiss Me mocktail that was every bit as quirky as the name, and a Chocolate Milkshake that we thoroughly saw the end of.

For the mains, we tried a creamy White Sauce spaghetti Pasta. We were treated to the theatrics of making the pasta in a parmesan cheese when by their in-house chef. While we thoroughly enjoyed watching, the pasta itself did not work for us. The lack of proper seasoning and no herbs did not please our taste buds.

We also had a Lemon and Pepper rubbed Tandoor Roast Chicken, served on a bed of biryani rice, broccoli and red wine jus. While we relished the dish as a whole, the Roast Chicken by itself tasted a little more burnt than roasted. We finished off our meal with Hazelnut Mousse, a light, airy chocolate hazelnut mousse with a hint of coffee, in a tempered chocolate cylinder, that we savoured to our hearts’ content.

The food had a couple of hits and misses, but the vast menu leaves you with a lot to explore.

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