How to Develop Your Writing Skills


As much as you write, as many essays as you type your way through, some students just can’t escape the feeling that their writing skills have not developed well enough. A lot of students can sometimes feel like they are a very little fish swimming in a big, big pond when it comes to writing a thesis or a longer, more complex essay than they are used to. This way of thinking can be really detrimental to grades and work quality, because as soon as they start thinking like that, their work slips because they have lost a significant amount of self-belief. We can’t let that happen! But how do you fight against these feelings? How do you communicate to yourself that you do have a right to be in the position you are in? How do you go about improving your writing skills so that you never have to worry about these bouts of self doubt again? Well we have the answers for you, have a read through this list and see what methods of improvement would work for you.

Get support

It may sound like a cop out, but by no means is getting help and support on your essay or your general writing skills, in any way giving up or giving in to feelings of low self-esteem or disbelief in yourself. But what avenue of support is the best choice for you? Well, you can get support from those closest to you. The best kind of support is a fresh set of eyes looking over your writing. It’s a great idea to give an essay or a piece of your writing to a friend, co-worker or family member. To make it easier on them, specify to them exactly what you are looking to get tips on. They will set about reading your essay and will pick up on anything they think is amiss. But, what’s as beneficial as specific help with spelling or grammar, is for them to give feedback on the general atmosphere of the piece. They might come back to you and say, ‘I think you are too biased towards this side of the argument’, or they might say that your writing is too wordy and you need to simplify a little bit. If you don’t feel that this sort of support would help at all, then head to one of the many essay writing services available online. Here you will get assigned a writing companion that will help you through any major trouble you are having, or failing this, you can actually buy a research paper or any other sort of document from them for an affordable price. Though this isn’t the best option in terms of helping yourself, it can really help to alleviate the stress of writing on your own.


One of the best tips in terms of improving your own writing is to absorb the writing of others. The more you read, the more you keep your brain active, absorbing words, phrases and information that you can use yourself. You can read any sort of book you like, as long as it is informative and encourages the expanding of your vocabulary, and understanding of the subject at hand. But it doesn’t have to be anything that you are studying at college. The great thing about it is that it can serve as respite from when you study. The best way to get a lot of reading done is to see it as a relief from the work you do in your daily life. That way you will look forward to reading, causing you to absorb more information when you do.

Take care

 The best piece of advice you can get on improving your writing is to take it slow, nobody ever completed a successful piece of work by rushing it. Take every sentence one step at a time as every little bit of your essay needs to be water-tight and expressing something of interest to the examiner or reader. If you rush, you end up including lots of information that probably isn’t needed at all. Students that take it slow often come out with an essay that demonstrates a great understanding of the subject at hand. Remember, the tortoise did beat the hare! Take your writing one step at a time.

Yes, writing is a troubling aspect of education. Sometimes you don’t know if you’re writing well or writing terribly, but if you allow yourself the ability of looking at your writing through the eyes of someone else, read as often as you can and take your essay slow, your writing will improve.


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