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Aditya Rao, Founder & CEO - LocalOye123 reliable service providers

LocalOye is a platform that ensures the duty of assembling a great panel of reliable service providers who will get your work done, may it be that of a plumber, a carpenter, or any other services that you may require at your doorstep. Founder and CEO, Aditya Rao talks about his venture.

What inspired you to start LocalOye?
Products as a market was extremely saturated, the market that we wanted to be in was the local professional services. It was a problem waiting to be solved and no one entered the segment as it was too unorganized. We took it upon us to not just be another classified listing platform. There existed a market for a platform which can provide customized service professionals for your daily needs. So we started cautiously focusing only on one category, similar to what a Flipkart or an Amazon did with Books. Once we figured out how to crack the category, we rocketed in to launching more categories on our platform.

Can you give us a brief idea of how it works?
While one does not need any customization when it comes to buying products, hiring services becomes a completely different ball game. By doing the tedious work of screening, filtering and assembling a great panel of quality and verified service providers; LocalOye helps you save a ton of time. We will get you options to pick from within an hour or two, based on your area, budget and preference. You also get to chat with individual partners to further define your requirements or even with LocalOye representatives for the same.

Do you verify profiles to ascertain their authenticity considering the crime rate nowadays?
The three most important things for us are – quality, reliability and assurance. What we make sure before bringing on-board any of our partners is to do a thorough background check on them. We test our partners on 45 parameters which includes their previous customer feedback, work experience, internal service testing, court record checks and also police record checks. We have a separate team dedicated for this procedure to ensure we only have quality partners on our platform who can give a great experience to our customers.

How do you ensure that your LocalOye stands out amongst all the already existing ventures in the industry?
We are just not a listings site which provides numbers of our service partners. What differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that, as a marketplace, we analyze the exact problem of each and every customer of ours, based on their requirements, budgets and availability. Once a customer books a merchant through our platform, we ensure that the merchant goes to their place and finishes the job. We believe in being with our customer till the very end.

How do you get your service providers or vendors to register with LocalOye?
The one thing that is a sure shot selling point for any of our partners is – More Business, More Money. As a platform, we are able to reach out to genuine customers which in turn means genuine leads to our service partners. Once they realise the potential of technology and the kind of volumes it can generate for their business, thet get on board quicker.

How big is your team?
221 people

If you were to describe LocalOye in one phrase, what would it be?
Kaam Ho Jaayega

If you were to describe Indian Start Ups in one word, what would it be?


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