Tinaz & Wilbert go glamourous


“Wow! I can’t believe it’s me! It’s a total transformation. Love my new glamorous haircut and makeup too!”

( HAIR )

• Chopped off the length of Tinaz’s hair at the back, but left it longer in the front
• Gave her a global Mahogany hair colour along with one funky blond streak
• Scrunched her hair with a curling product and messed it up for a glam look

Used a concealer to cover up dark spots and under eye circles
Used a highlighter to brighten her eyes and used bronze eye shadow
Complemented her glam hairdo with deep red lipstick and heavy mascara

“As a hairstylist, I have always been comfortable playing around with my hair. But, the hold from Gatsby Hyper Solid Water Gloss is amazing. It adds tension, hold and gives the perfect lift.”

A cool and funky look by Samantha D’Souza of ASIF – The Salon and GATSBY

( HAIR )

  • Blow dried to have better control on the shape and style of hair
  • Styled with Gatsby Hyper Solid Water Gloss – for volume and discipline.


  • Used compact powder to cover up dark circles

SAMANTHA D’SOUZA Top stylist at Asif – The Salon “I have been using the new styling agents like hair styling wax and sprays, but using old-school products like the water-based Gatsby Hyper Solid Water Gloss does wonders every time. Time to go back to basics!”

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Volume 1 Issue 6



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