Rawdust Productions And The Man Behind It


A post-graduate in media and entertainment management, Nikunj Mehta has worked under many prestigious banners such as CNBC and The Quint. This long list consists of projects such as commercials for Ponds, Uber and Reebok. He has also featured in a travel video sponsored by Maruti Suzuki.


His repertoire of skills has seen him get invited to established institutions, namely Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), Flame University, KC College and Sydenham College of Commerce as a jury member. He is a recurring face in newspapers like Aapka Times and Absolute India. His presence in projects and videos by ATKT has been widely loved by young audiences all across India. 

About Rawdust Productions

Rawdust, an initiative by Nikunj, has grown drastically since its inception in 2016. He started this venture with one goal in mind; to connect with the youth and propagate info-training content to give the youngsters of Mumbai a platform to showcase their potential to the fullest. It started with the inaugural issue of Rawdust Digital Magazine which generated a total of 10 editions which were consumed and loved by the audiences of Mumbai and Hyderabad. The year 2017 brought Club Rawdust to the list of the most happening and enigmatic event organisers by organizing various events across Mumbai for more than 850 members of the Club.

His collaborations with young artists like Darsheel Safari and Mansi Racch, in the form of informal interviews, were taken up under the nametag of Rawdust TV. This was the point where he realised that media was the best way to engage the youth and get his message across to the biggest age bracket of the country. His humility is the reason why he chose the medium of communication to be theatre; the age-old art that he wanted to revive to the best of his abilities.

He produced 3 supremely successful shows of Khaandani Golmaal, a comedy play which was relatable and a sigh of relief for all those who felt they could put themselves in the character’s shoes. His latest production Karshati is already intriguing the audiences as it claims to be “A contemporary dance production dives into the emotion of the lives of the women who Krishna influenced beyond measure” We highly recommend you to book your tickets now for the 25th of August as there won’t be many left on BookMyShow at the 11th hour. Nikunj seems ready to captivate the whole crowd of Mumbai when they witness the play at Y.B. Chavan auditorium. 

His vision for the future of Rawdust holds many more gripping events and productions that will continue to bring the youth closer together and create brilliance.


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