Basic Photography Tricks That Everyone Should Follow


The photographers from our photo feature provide some handy tips and tricks to taking memorable images for your career in photography.

Compose Your Picture With Care

Take charge of your picture by cropping out any extra elements, keeping the horizon leveled (no crooked photos!), thinking about where you want your subject to be – in the background or foreground. Be sure to keep anything that would distract the image out of the picture. To make things interesting move your subject away from the middle of your picture.

Try playing around with depth-of-field. A smaller depth of field focuses the attention on your subject. A larger depth of field will make everything in the picture clear and sharp. You will also want to become familiar with the way your camera focuses (most auto-focus cameras focus on whatever is in the center of the picture). While clicking portraits always focus on the eyes.” – Madhuri Sharma

Convey A Message

“Photography is a way to convey a message to the masses. The best way to click a good picture is to convey a message. For example, write any line and try and capture a moment conveying the same line. Ask people what your photo conveys to them; the nearer their guess, the better picture you have.

Mega pixel, ISO, shutter speed and costly equipment are a myth. A good photo has a good story or a good photographer. Photography is painting with light. When an artist paints he’ll paint only things he wants. So when you click a picture everything in the frame should be only what you want.

Your picture should make sense to anyone anywhere and everyone can enjoy it.” – Ibrahim Doodhwala

Have Knowledge Of Lenses And Photoshop

“Learning photography is a path that’s different for everyone. Click what you feel like, explore yourself with many subjects. Understand what your genre is. Learn new things from YouTube and experiment with them. Have knowledge of lenses and Photoshop. Always shoot on RAW. Understand the lightning. Don’t shoot on continuous mode. Don’t make a Facebook page unless you have learned your craft.” – Monisha Ajgaonkar


While using cell phones to take a picture, there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

* Never use the mobile zoom.
* Lock your exposure and focus.
* Refrain from edit, edit edit.
* Shoot from the hip for better candid images.
* Study other photographers.
* Always be ready. You need to make sure that when your mind and heart say ‘shoot’ you have no excuses like, Oh, my camera was in my purse/pocket or the camera wasn’t around.” – Basit Parker

Try Shooting From Different Angles! Because Why Not?

“Experiment with unique angles to make your pictures stand out. Don’t be afraid to get your hands and knees dirty and trying lower angles or get higher up for an interesting perspective.
The best time to photograph is an hour after sunriseand before sunset, called the golden hour, when the sun is lower in the sky. The light is softer and has a pleasing, warm glow to it.
When taking photographs in low light, leaning against a wall or a tree can yield sharper results with minimal camera shake. Another trick to reduce camera shake is to hold the camera firmly with both hands and tuck your elbows into your torso to form a rigid support.” – Royd Tauro

Know Your Subject Well

“Get to know your subject and listen to what they want. Understanding what you are clicking is really important because the better you know your subject, the better the pictures will turn out.” – Merlyn Fernandes

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