A paw-some adoption


Their innocence needs human sight, their loyalty needs our acknowledgement, their life needs our support and our life needs their selfless love, care and affection. Yes, pets are insanely adorable creatures to have around. It is not necessarily a dog or a cat and could be any animal that would understand, worry and mesmerize you with its innocence.

You grow on an individual level when you spend your life with a pet. Raring pets has been the earliest form of human activities. However, there have been many cases where people who pledge to have a pet, break-up with them. Pet maltreatment is also not uncommon. Many times, these animals are left without any shelter. For a pet, the loss of shelter or food isn’t agonizing but the missing master is.

These pets are like those abandoned children in the orphanage, who are devoid of an identity of their origin and are open to adoption. Once someone adopts this desolated life, they help the adorable creature by providing a new direction to his life. This act of generosity proves to be a virtue for the adopter and a boon for the adoptee. Here, we take a look at the benefits of pet adoption that you shall never regret.

Rescuing a life

The moment you get a rescued pet home, you do the noble deed of saving a life. If you need to be guarded, your pet will be the best savior. It will fight till its last breath to save you, if you fall in any danger.

Overpopulation reduction

The number of animals lying as stray and abandoned prove how over populous these species could be. An act of accepting these animals as your pet, would get the ‘stray’ tag, off them. A domestic pet would always be hygienic and healthy as compared to one found muttering on the dirty and filthy parts of the streets.

Helping more than just one animal

Adoption not only benefits the adopted pet, but benefits the adoption center as a whole. In India, most of the centers run out of the needed amenities due to the fore-running cash crunch. An act of this noblest nature could help with lesser exertion over the resources of the adoption centers. And these fewer resources could be used for fewer pets, properly, instead of using it for all the pets scarcely.

A partner and confidante

Who says adoption gets you an animal, it gets you a favored and a silent listening partner instead, who will never break your promise of keeping your secrets pocketed, and will listen to all your confession without ever judging you.

A second chance…

By adopting a stray or a rescued pet, not only do you save a life, but you also give that life a second chance to live and flourish. The second chance would be a forever, unforgettable favour that you do over the pet. It would leave no stone unturned to pay back all that you have done for it, with interest.

Spreading love, optimism and joy

It is an act that will bring a good sense of positive vibes and pride, gushing through your veins. The virtue will give you mental peace like never before. After years, when the pet is all grown-up and has graced your contribution all these years, just look back to its condition during the rescue, you feel what importance adoption holds for a stray. It’s an act you will never regret.

An inexpensive affair

Adoption is the most inexpensive deal anywhere, and the joy it gives you is immense.

Stress buster

Having a pet at home is a stress buster. It’s a great ordeal to cope up, in with a world where people are least bothered to attend you. In such a case, a pet is always active, happening and enthusiastic. The grace is never-descending. You will always feel like you are meeting a friend after years, which is the way a pet would always greet your problems that arrive adjacent to you.

Adopt, don’t shop

Buying a pet could be done by anyone, but raising an abandoned life would not be a common choice. So adopt, don’t shop…

Stop pet mills

Pet mills are the industries where animal welfare is placed secondary. It concentrates on profited selling and breeding. Adoption can put a control over these inhumane acts of animal trafficking.

It’s a genuine urge, to prefer pet adoption, as it’s the need of this spanning hour. It’s not important to show your wealth power by buying a pet, but it counts showing your kind acts by adopting one. Just like animals need social animals, we need these adorable creatures to brighten up our lives!


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