Personal Habits That Are Exhausting You More Than Your Work

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“Work is so exhausting, I need to go for a long vacation”, this has become a standard statement of all those either studying, working or doing both. The only way we all deal with this exhaustion is either by going out for a long weekend, or binge-watching web series curled up inside our blankets on Friday nights. 
Have you ever wondered though, that our regular personal habits are more exhausting than the work we actually do? These habits are so common that it’s almost difficult to believe that it can make us feel exhausted all the time. 

Living in a cluttered space

The more mess you gather around you, the more drained you will feel. Make sure your work desk, study table, bedroom, and living room is neat and tidy. The less mess there is, the more it will help you to stay focused and productive.  

Leaving a huge gap between your meals 

It is necessary to have atleast four meals in a day with the right amount of gap between two meals. If you are constantly piled up with work, you will obviously feel tired. Skipping meals or not eating for a long time will lead to loss of energy making you feel weak. The maximum amount of gap between meals should not exceed 5 hours.  

Being on call for hours 

Most of us have a habit of talking on call for hours at a stretch. Though it is okay to talk on the call for an hour or so, excessive use of phones can lead to severe headaches which can result in making you feel exhausted. Constant listening through a device attached to your ears and talking without breaks can easily tire a person. Although talking to your close ones can be like a relaxing activity, you must understand when to disconnect. 

Procrastinating over small tasks 

Piling up small tasks and leaving them for doing it ‘later’ can become an added burden especially when you already have a lot on your plate that demands priority. This is why it is best to finish off tasks as and when they come up. Leaving them for later and doing it all at once is exhausting.  

Improper sitting habits 

Sitting uncomfortably puts the joints and muscles under immense pressure and requires the body to exert strength exhausting it. Maintaining a proper body posture is thus important to keep the strength as well as the body intact. 

Watching highly emotional shows 

Yes! Doing this too can tire your mind. When you watch emotionally charged shows, they stick in your mind and their stories keep playing. They stimulate the mind to great heights. It’s even worse when you binge-watch season after season. This hampers sleep which then results in exhausting the mind and the body.  

Even though this might seem lame and unbelievable, it’s time you know about it and notice the difference for yourself. Tell us if you agree with it in the comments section.


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